This sure looks like the new Ford Bronco Sport

Ford has had a good track record over the last several years when it comes to keeping vehicles under wraps until their scheduled debut, but the much-anticipated Bronco and Bronco Sport have both been leaked to some extent, just weeks before their official unveilings.

Photos posted to (now removed) show the new Bronco Sport exterior in its entirety. With a wraparound grille, round headlamps, and “BRONCO” lettering featured prominently in the center of the grille, this design essentially delivered what we expected from the long-anticipated “Baby Bronco.”

The upcoming Bronco Sport takes its Escape underpinnings and with it makes a much more SUV-like statement, just like the first two generations of Escape did. In fact, the Bronco Sport seems like it could have been a natural evolution of the Escape had it not merged with the European Ford Kuga beginning with its third generation in 2013.

The photos of the Bronco Sport that were leaked show its wheels are pushed to the corners for what looks to be decent approach and departure angles, a clamshell hood opening, and blacked-out pillars—a Ford SUV trend that’s been in place since the first Explorers. The rear hatch seems to have independently opening window and both the front and rear bumpers, while plastic, do appear to be unpainted plastic with trail scuffs in mind. What we can’t discern is what the triangular badge on the front door represents, although it appears to be a graphic that represents a trail.

We’ll learn more details, straight from Ford this time, as the Bronco Sport gets its official reveal in April. Until then, these leaked photos seems to indicate that the Bronco Sport has significantly diverged from its cute-ute underpinnings and may have what it takes to challenge the more off-road-minded crossovers on the market like the Jeep Renegade and Cherokee.

Ford Bronco Sport Leaked image
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