This rare road-ready 1967 Ford GT40 could be yours


Ford aficionados may well be aware of the seven Mk3 GT40s developed as road cars, but this isn’t one of those—it’s even more rare.

Chassis number P/1069 is actually a Mk1 GT40 built to order by the Blue Oval and then loaned to the Scuderia Filipinetti racing team for display at the 1967 Geneva Motor Show. It left the factory painted in Opalescent Silver Blue, but for the Swiss show it was repainted in Metallic Bormeo Green.

After performing its display duties the car was sent back to Britain where Ford used it as a press car, road registering it in 1968.  It featured in motoring magazines and was also driven by Formula 1 World Champion Graham Hill.

The GT40 was on show at Geneva again in 1969 and then sold to a private collector in 1971 who had the paintwork updated again, this time to yellow. Over three decades later a new owner was bold enough to put the car back on track where it belonged, competing in historic racing, including the Goodwood Revival

In 2007 it was returned to road specification and at some point also restored to its original blue hue. It hasn’t had a U.K. MOT test since 2009 when the odometer showed 6003 miles, exactly the same as it had two years earlier, suggesting the car wasn’t actually driven on the road, despite now being legal.

The car is for sale by Fiskens with no price listed, but its unique provenance should see it fetch a tidy sum.




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    “This rare road-ready 1967 Ford GT40 could be yours”…
    … just as soon as the next big PowerBall win is mine.

    Amazing car.

    I saw this listing a week or so back. It crossed my mind to approach Fiskens with the generous offer of an elderly Lotus in trade plus, say, ten or twelve lottery tickets. But then I thought that they would likely insist on some ridiculous condition like seeing the tickets first and making a decision after the numbers are drawn.

    I was going to write my comment earlier today, but my sides and cheeks suddenly started hurting and I could not type for some time. I can only surmise that the pain was from the laughter I burst into when I read “this…could be yours” and then the part about $8.4 million (or whatever the number was). 🙄
    Headline writers are some of the funniest people out there (or perhaps the most detached from reality)!

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