This Classic Land Cruiser Wants to be a Porsche


If you’re looking for some off-road action with a touch of Stuttgart style then North Carolina’s TLC4x4 has the answer.

The company, which specializes in resto-modding Toyota FJ40, 60 and 80 Series Land Cruisers, has just finished a build for a customer that owes its look to a vintage Porsche.

“Often, our Land Cruiser builds have fantastic stories behind them, and our newest FJ62 custom is no exception,” says TLC4x4 boss Daniel Valjevac. “The truck was commissioned by a longtime Porsche enthusiast, so that was influential throughout our design process.”


Specifically that means the 1988 FJ62 was painted in a Porsche gray, while the interior is trimmed in a mix of leather and classic houndstooth fabric. Even the door panels have been redesigned to “recall the doors of the classic 911.” The gauge cluster has been replaced and a modern high-end audio system with a sizeable touchscreen installed.

Under the hood you won’t find a flat-six, or indeed the Land Cruiser’s original in-line six. Instead there’s a 6.2-liter GM LS3 V-8 crate motor delivering over 430 horsepower. The transmission is a six-speed GM auto and TLC4x4 claims this combo offers “incredible performance and sublime levels of speed.”


Wisely the car has uprated suspension with OME springs and Fox Racing dampers, along with bigger brakes. 17-inch alloys wear all-terrain tires and there are new arch vents front and rear for cooling, along with rock sliders.

“Another very cool aspect was that the Land Cruiser had to be from 1988 in tribute to the client’s wedding anniversary,” adds Valjevac.

TLC4x4 hasn’t revealed the cost of the car but its website states that prices start at $250,000, making this rather more generous—and unique—than an eternity ring.

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