This 810-hp Alfa GTAmodificata Is Magnifico

Totem Automobili

Totem Automobili has taken another run at the Alfa Romeo GTA and it might be just be the most seductive Italian since Sophia Loren.

With a timeless beauty combined with hypercar power the $1.3 M GTAmodificata takes Alfa’s 105-series to a whole new level.

Modelled on the 1970 and 1971 European Touring Car Championship-winning GTAm built by Autodelta, Totem’s car retains its classic look, complete with exposed rivets, although the monocoque and bodywork is actually all carbon fiber. Aluminum is used for the front and rear subframes to keep weight down to a paltry 1095 kg (2414 lbs), while the 3.2-liter twin-turbo V-6 from Italtecnica delivers 810 hp and 538 lbft of torque. For comparison, the Ferrari SF90 makes 786 hp and weighs almost 1500 lbs more.

The 90-degree V-6 features dry sump lubrication, individual throttle bodies and a 3D-printed stainless steel exhaust manifold. Back in 1971 the GTAm Touring Car produced 240 hp and that was no slouch, but with more than three times the horsepower the Totem GTAmodificata can dispatch 62 mph from a standstill in 2.6 seconds and reach a vMax of 186 mph. This prodigious power is sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential transmission and limited-slip differential.

With 200 horsepower more than the company’s previous GT Super and GT Electric, the GTAmodificata is also lighter, eschewing paint (for the most part) in favor of exposed carbon fiber outside and in. Even the stunning dished wheels, which evoke the classic GTA, use lightweight carbon and aluminum to save weight.

The GTAmodificato marks the end of the line for Totem’s Giulia GT-inspired cars and just five will be made.

Totem Automobili GTAmodificata 2
Totem Automobili
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    Money was not a thing in this build. Carbon Fiber bodywork for a one off could not be even remotely cheap. Top speed in a car that small with no aero or any modern electronics would make me nervous. Would love to see more in depth photos to look at it more as whole.

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