This 1967 restomod “Beachrunner” is the coolest surf ‘n’ turf Landie we’ve seen

Oliver & Dobson

Australian Land Rover enthusiasts Oliver & Dobson set out to build the perfect Landie to take seven friends on a surfing, camping, or fishing adventure.

The result is called the Beachrunner and it took the duo most of 2020 to complete. Starting with a non-running truck-cab Land Rover Series IIA from 1967 the Sydney lads set about their work. The car was in pretty bad shape and, once they’d stripped it back, it became clear that every panel except the hood and radiator panel would have to be replaced. The old Landie had lived such a tough life on a farm that even the floors were buckled. On top of that, to suit its new role as a sun-loving funster, the roof was removed and a folding windshield installed.

Mechanically, the whole car was rebuilt with either replacement or reconditioned components. Sourcing these parts from all over Australia was a time-consuming affair requiring plenty of internet sleuthing to track down exactly the right bits.

The Beachrunner does have a few modern features such as LED headlamps and seven leather seats—Beachrunner riders sit three-abreast up front, with two side-facing benches seating four people in the back. Should the weather turn a fabric top and side screens can be installed.

The Beachrunner is Oliver & Dobson’s first build but a Series III 109 is currently underway for an American Landie fan.

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