The Rambo Lambo Returns


The Lamborghini LM002 is back—or at least a riotous replica is. Dartz, makers of outrageous automobiles favored by despots and dignitaries, has just revealed its Pombrom Iron Diamond CLV.

The Latvian LM002 lookalike is based on a Urus and described by Dartz as “automotive majesty.” In a press release that’s very thin on details but thick with hype the company says, “This masterpiece transcends the ordinary and redefines the extraordinary.” 

Film fans may recognize Dartz from The Dictator and A Good Day to Die Hard where its armored automobiles featured on the silver screen and the company’s website is no less theatrical, boasting of its 155-year history of royal duty, providing “bulletproof opulence trusted by billionaires, rulers, celebrities, superstars and one Dictator since 1869.”

DARTZ Prombron Iron Diamond CLV based on Lamborghini Urus 2

The Iron Diamond’s exterior resemblance to the original Rambo Lambo is uncanny, although the interior is likely to be more practical than the cramped cabin of the LM002—and certainly more luxurious. Dartz is known for using the most ostentatious materials, including snakeskin, ostrich leather, crocodile skin and even whale penis. Not a car for vegans then.

“Embodying the epitome of masculine design, the Iron Diamond CLV exudes an aura reminiscent of the venerable LM002, evoking nostalgia while simultaneously heralding a new era of automotive prowess,’ says Dartz. “Crafted entirely from carbon fiber and fortified with the heart of a Lamborghini powertrain, this extraordinary creation promises unparalleled speed and performance.”

Dartz doesn’t provide any technical information, but using anything less than a 666-hp Urus Performante as the donor vehicle surely wouldn’t cut it among the authoritarian automobile enthusiasts willing to part with $2.7 million from their country’s national reserves.


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