Off-roadable Lamborghini, fifth-generation Prius, Porsche Macan Electric


Lamborghini shows the new off-roadable Huracán Sterrato

Intake: For those Lamborghini sports car owners who are intent on, for whatever reason, intentionally driving their cars off-road, we present the Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato, which is entirely off-roadable. We know because we watched this video that has the Sterrato doing all sorts of un-Lambo-like things, unless you are old enough to remember the Lamborghini LM002 (1986-1993, kids). No specs available yet, beyond a V-10 and heavy-duty all-wheel-drive. Here’s a link to the video: Please turn the sound off if you’re in your 10th-grade math class.

Exhaust: Lamborghini’s answer to the Porsche 911 Dakar (we can’t wait for those comparison tests) debuts in person in Miami on November 30, which seems like a good reason to go to Florida. Plus, it’s gonna be cold in Michigan…  — Steven Cole Smith

Speaking of Lamborghini… boss pins hopes on e-fuels

Lamborghini Centenario Engine

Intake: As Lamborghini, like every other carmaker, gears up to go electric, CEO Stephan Winkelman says that company is hoping that carbon-neutral synthetic fuels will keeps its engines firing in the future. Speaking to Winkelman said that although the first fully-electric Lamborghini will be on sale “from the end of this decade”, he added that “When it comes to alternatives to battery electric vehicles, we only see one—synthetic fuel. Synthetic fuel as a total is carbon neutral, it has advantages but also has difficulties in terms of supply quantity and infrastructure. This is all something which has to be clarified by legislation and the industry if they want to go down that road,” he said. “We don’t need to decide today, but I can only see full electric cars or synthetic fuel as an alternative. I don’t see other ways for us.”

Exhaust: Winkelman is far from being the only one backing e-fuels as an alternative energy source. Porsche has invested many millions in the technology, with a carbon-neutral factory producing fuel in Chile and a second site in Tasmania, Australia underway that will produce 100 million liters of the green go-juice a year from 2026. — Nik Berg

Toyota teases new fifth-generation Prius

Intake: Prius sales have been falling steadily, which some analysts blame on the styling, and the fact that midsized cars in general are weakening, as well as the obvious increase in competition. Toyota takes another swing at a fifth-generation model, which the manufacturer will reveal on Wednesday. As a placeholder, Toyota has released another of those candlelit profiles of its taillight. Toyota first showed the current generation Prius in 2015, notes Automotive News. It was one of the first vehicles within the group to use the new TGNA global vehicle architecture that is also expected to underpin the new car.

Exhaust: The current Prius Eco is EPA-rated at a healthy 58 mpg city, 53 mpg highway, with a range of 633 miles. It’ll be interesting to see if Toyota can beat that with the new model. — SCS

Porsche Macan Electric due in 2024 with 603 hp and 300-mile range

Intake: Porsche has dished some details of its upcoming electric Macan SUV, the first of which is that it will, imaginatively, be called the Macan Electric. It will be built on a new platform called PPE, have a 100 kWh battery pack and be available in rear- and all-wheel drive configurations with around 603 horsepower and 730 lb-ft of torque on tap. The rear motor will be mounted behind the axle, 911-style, to give a slight rear weight bias to aid handling, while rear-wheel steering will also be included.  Air suspension will be offered and drive will be via a single-speed transmission, unlike the Taycan’s two-speed unit. It will share the Taycan’s 800-volt charging architecture so owners will be able to charge up from five to 80 percent charge in 25 minutes using the fastest chargers. Although Porsche hasn’t confirmed the car’s predicated range the company said it will be significantly greater than its first EV, which the EPA pegs at 250 miles.

Exhaust: The hefty battery pack and high power are to be expected, but the rear motor positioning is interesting, showing Porsche’s commitment to 911 principles in a post-combustion era. — NB

NHRA finale at Pomoma; Force loses his body

Intake: The Camping World National Hot Rod Association 2022 season wrapped up Sunday at Pomona Raceway, just outside Los Angeles, crowing four season champions: Ron Capps in Funny Car, Brittany Force in Top Fuel, Matt Smith in Motorcycles, and Erica Enders in Pro Stock. The most dramatic moment of Sunday’s race was when Funny Car veteran John Force, 73, driving a “Chevrolet Camaro,” blew up a supercharger and the explosion was enough to send the entire body flying. Force was shaken, but, as usual, did not appear stirred.

Exhaust: The NHRA  had a successful season, with plenty of good racing, albeit with an occasionally short field in several classes. We’re looking forward to the 2023 season, which starts in March at Gainesville Raceway in Florida. — SCS

Ford’s F-150 Raptor R is one thirsty super truck

Intake: The EPA has released fuel economy figures for Ford’s F-150 Raptor R, the 700-horsepower supertruck that we’ve been wanting to see from Ford ever since the Ram TRX stepped into the ring. To absolutely nobody’s surprise, 5.2-liters of supercharged fury, 37-inch tires, and a penchant for rooster tails do not an efficient pickup make: The 2023 Raptor R is rated for 10 mpg city, 15 mpg highway, and 12 mpg combined. That’s on par with the TRX, although the Raptor manages one extra mpg on the highway. (The Ram’s fuel economy figures: 10/14/12, city/highway/combined.) If you want to slay dunes with monster tires and slightly fewer trips to the pump, Ford does offer a Raptor with 37-inch rubber and the EcoBoost V-6 engine, which achieves 15/16/15 mpg, city/highway/combined. Otherwise, the normal Raptor on 35s will reach 15/18/16 mpg city/highway/combined under a prudent foot.

Exhaust: If you’re the type of person shopping for a truck that can flatten acres of gnarly terrain at paces that would make a Corvette blush, you probably aren’t too offended by these numbers. Raptors and TRXs don’t sell on pragmatism. But, if the rise in popularity of some older gas-guzzling SUVs is any indication, sometimes the tradeoffs for what you get are worth it come the time of reckoning at the pump. You won’t hear us knocking you for choosing a 700-horsepower dune slayer. — Nathan Petroelje

OK, Subaru, for the last time…

2024 Subaru Impreza Grille teaser

Intake: We showed you the candlelit roof outline of the new Impreza hatchback that will debut later this week at the LA Auto Show: Now here’s part of the grille.

Exhaust: You owe us, Subaru. — SCS

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    The Raptor R is thirstier than the Shelby GT 500, who would have known? I bet the owners get 8 mpg downhill with a tailwind.

    It’s amazing how efficient ICE have become in all actuality. I had a mid 70,s Bronco w/ a 302 v-8 and later an 80 CJ-7 with a Ford straight 6. Neither vehicle returned better than 12 mpg in normal mixed driving. The Raptor and the TRX are pretty amazing with all that HP.

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