Rent Hertz’ 900-hp GT500, Harley’s $15K electric bike, Monkeemobile for sale

Hertz | James Lipman

Hertz unleashes 900-hp Shelby GT500 in select rental markets

Intake: Starting this summer, Hertz and Shelby American are kicking off a three-year partnership program by offering custom-built GT500 models with more than 900 supercharged hp alongside naturally aspirated Shelby GT-H models. (That’s a 140-hp upgrade from stock, for those counting.) The GT500-H cars will be available for rent at airports in Florida at the Fort Myers, Tampa, Miami, and Orlando airports; in Phoenix, Arizona; and in Shelby America’s home in Las Vegas. Only 25 will be built, 19 of which will be finished in black, with the rest wearing Oxford White to celebrate Shelby American’s 60th anniversary. The 5.0-liter Mustang–based Shelby GT-H convertibles and fastbacks will be available in Atlanta; Dallas, Texas; Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Fort Myers, Florida; Las Vegas; Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco; and in Phoenix, Arizona.

Exhaust: The 1966 Shelby GT350-H was Hertz’s first pairing with Shelby and the two brands have worked together several times since, offering hot-rodded Mustangs to eager renters in 2006, 2007, and 2016. These latest GT500-based models are Shelby’s most extreme offerings yet, and the low production volume bodes well for their collectibility—those examples that are released from Hertz’ lots without major abuse, that is.

Hertz | James Lipman

VW may bring back Scout as Rivian rival

1979 IH Scout Rallye II Mecum

Intake: Volkswagen is reportedly looking likely to revive the Scout brand to front a new range of rugged electric pickups and SUVs. The German firm is voting on the plan today, reports TechCrunch. If given the go-ahead, the Scout would return as a C-segment competitor by 2026. VW gained the commercial rights to the Scout name in 2021, and the Maverick-sized trucks would be the first to wear the Scout badge of honor since the company’s demise in 1985. TechCrunch says VW is ready to invest $100 million in the new venture as part of its efforts to double its U.S. market share and dominate EV sales.

Exhaust: Only days ago we reported VW’s ambition to bring an electric truck to the United States. While there’s still talk of a pickup version of the ID Buzz, such vehicle wouldn’t appeal to those seeking an off road–capable workhorse or rugged recreational vehicle, which is where Scout could fit in nicely.

Harley-Davidson counters skeptics with $15K electric bike

Livewire Del Mar SE

Intake: Ever since Harley-Davidson spun the all-electric LiveWire One off into its own brand, we have been keenly awaiting  the announcement of a second act. That finally came yesterday, with the launch of the Del Mar. Leaning heavily on H-D’s flat-track roots, the Del Mar is centered around a set of 19-inch wheels, wide handlebars, and a slim tail section. Power comes from a 59.6-kW battery and range is expected to be around 100 miles. Target weight is 440 pounds. Pricing starts at $15,000, with deliveries expected to begin in spring of 2023. 

Exhaust: The 100 “Launch Edition” models, which wear unique wheels, hand-painted details, and serialized number plaques on their “gas tanks,” sold out in just 18 minutes. Indian has been selling the gas-powered FTR—which has similar styling—for a few years now, but that bike has lost some of its flat-track flair through the years. With a relatively limited range, the Del Mar can likely pack a more hooligan-style punch without concern for highway or long-distance manners. Critics of LiveWire were vocal about the One being too expensive; the Del Mar seems to be a direct answer. Will customers step up now that Harley has called their bluff?

Sport trim dresses up Honda’s Odyssey for the beaten path

Intake: While “sport” and “family vehicle” are two words that rarely find themselves next to each other, Honda is determined to bring a little edginess to its venerable Odyssey. The newly announced Sport slots right in the middle of the six available trims and equips the minivan with a host of black exterior pieces and Berlina Black 19-inch wheels. The interior gets a black headliner and red accented lighting. Power comes from the same 280-hp V-6 and 10-speed automatic transmission as found in the other five trims. Buyers looking for this extra flair will need to shell out $42,505 (including $1295 destination charge).

Exhaust: Minivans tend to be a love it or loathe it situation. In terms of functionality, they are hard to beat, but they rarely win on swagger. This trim adds some flair to the Odyssey—and is more dignified than the Sienna’s off-road Wilderness play—but we would have loved to see that sportiness blend over into the chassis or powertrain. Do we need a 400-hp minivan? No. Do we want one? Yes. 

Daydream believe it, there’s a Monkeemobile for sale

Intake: Why take the Last Train to Clarksville when you could drive a Monkeemobile instead? This perfect recreation of the Dean Jeffries–designed, 1966 Pontiac GTO–based quirky convertible was built for the Monkees in 2011 by New York’s James Benken. Mickey Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork, and Davy Jones marked 45 years of monkeying around by touring the U.K. in the V-8 drop-top, and the car remained there afterwards in the ownership of the tour driver. It has been signed by the band and comes with a selection of tour photos. Offered for sale on May 21 by Historics auctioneers at the U.K.’s Ascot Racecourse, the Monkeemobile is estimated to fetch between £60,000 and £90,000 ($74,000–$111,000). Hey! Hey!

Exhaust: Want to get the funniest looks from everyone you meet? Bid now on this Monkeemobile and you might even bag a bargain. An original fetched $360,000 at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale auction in 2008, while Historics reports that similar replicas have sold for more than $240,000. Fans clearly don’t monkey around. This may be a GTO in name only, but it clearly boasts desirability independent of Pontiac lore. 

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