2022 Ranger makes a three-fold splash, BMW sends off the V-12, a Ferrari that looks like … a Mitsubishi?


2022 Ranger splashes down in Sand, Forest, and Snow editions

Intake: Ford previously announced the Splash package for 2022 Ford Rangers as an orange-and-black trim package worthy of a Boss 302 Mustang. While it made an impression, Ford is now taking the Splash to greater heights, with three limited-edition Ranger Splashes in unique colors based on forest, sand, and snow biomes. The Forest Limited Edition (500 units) is green with red accents, based on the XLT trim level, and fitted with custom black interior bits. The Sand Edition (500 units) is also XLT-based, finished in Desert Sand with gray/red accents, and boasts an interior with “carbon weave tuxedo stripes and bolsters” on the seats. The Snow Edition (750 units) is a Lariat package truck upgraded with “Avalanche” paint with gray accents, unique leather seats, and more fancy black interior trim. Prices for all three are $1495 over the base prices of their respective Ranger XLT or Lariat trim levels.

Exhaust: Special editions are great, as there’s appeal for both beancounters seeking extra margin and customers looking for an extra bit of flair to their big-ticket purchases. Speaking of flair, it’s unfortunate that Ford’s special editions are “just” trim jobs, compared to the 1994 Ranger Splash’s flareside bed, lowered suspension, and a handling package with bigger wheels (flip through the slideshow below). While upsized wheels are something we don’t necessarily need anymore, wouldn’t it be nice to make a real splash with functional upgrades for maximum differentiation?

Nissan’s retro-inspired Z concept has us drooling

Intake: With Nissan’s gorgeous new Z set to hit showrooms this spring, it’s only right that the marque begins rolling out some special editions to maximize buzz. The gorgeous orange Z pictured here bowed at the Tokyo Auto Salon this past weekend, dubbed the “Fairlady Z customized Proto.” The visual ties to the legendary Fairlady Z432R are as intentional as they look, from the fender flares to the large duckbill spoiler out back to the black hood graphic, roofline, and mirror caps. This orange prototype shared the stage with one of the limited-run Z Proto Spec versions, of which just 240 units will be sold stateside.

Exhaust: There are nostalgia plays, and then there are nostalgia bombs. This orange beauty is decidedly the latter. This homage works so well in large part because the new Z boasts a remarkable similar silhouette to the OG Fairlady (240Z here in the states.) We can only hope such a special edition also ends up as an option stateside. If the appetite for collector-grade Fairladys is any indication—especially for rare ones like the Z432R, which currently holds the auction record for Zs at a whopping $805,700—a modern reboot may garner substantial interest.

Morgan Plus Four LM62 commemorates 60 years since winning Le Mans

Morgan Plus_Four_LM62_press_22

Intake: Phil Hill and Oliver Gendebien may have taken top honors in their Ferrari in 1962’s running of the world’s most famous endurance race, but Morgan drivers Chris Lawrence and Richard Shepherd-Baron had much to celebrate as well. The British duo drove their ash wood-framed Morgan Plus Four Supersports to victory in the two-liter category. Now 60 years on, Morgan is making hay with a run of 62 special LM editions of its Plus Four. The cars will be available in Jet Green or Tertre Rouge red paintwork and will come with a contrasting white removable hardtop, which is a first for the Plus Four. A graphics pack features the original racer’s number 29 and there are special badges, silver wire wheels, and a Le Mans-style fuel filler cap. Power comes from BMW’s twin-turbo two-liter motor, mated to a choice of manual or automatic transmissions, which at almost 260 hp is rather more potent than the Le Mans winner’s Triumph engine. The U.K. price starts at £78,995 ($107,807) and history buffs can order now.

Exhaust: The 1962 running of Le Mans was an especially grueling event, with just 18 finishers. Morgan’s only class competitor was an AC Ace, which dropped out after five hours, while other big-name failures included Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar, and Aston Martin. To finish 13th overall in a car so underpowered compared to the V-12s that led the pack is definitely an achievement worth celebrating. “The 1962 Le Mans class-winning Morgan Plus Four holds a special place in the hearts of Morgan enthusiasts, employees, and owners around the world,” says company CEO Steve Morris. “It marked one of Morgan’s greatest motorsport achievements, the car covering more than 2200 miles at an average running speed of almost 94 mph, and triumphing—like David vs Goliath—over our bigger, and better funded, rivals of the time.” 

Ring the bells: BMW sends off the V12 with a $200K special edition

2022 bmw m760i final V12 teaser badge

Intake: BMW’s venerable 6.6-liter, twin-turbo twelve cylinder has officially entered the end times. To honor the end of this 592-hp beast, which is currently only offered in the $160K M760i, BMW is building a small number of final-edition cars—you guessed it, twelve—headed for the United States. Though we’d be hard-pressed to call the current 7 Series an understated design package, the “Final V12” will add a minimal amount of exterior bling: a V12 badge at the rear, dark 20-inch wheels hiding blue or black brake calipers, threshold plates proclaiming “The Final V12,” and an engine plaque. The options list will be loaded from the regular 7 Series catalog—the uprated Bowers and Wilkens stereo, the panoramic roof, power adjustable rear seats—and the price tag will be appropriately grand: $200,995. Production of these luxurious farewell editions will begin in June of this year, if all goes according to plan. 

Exhaust: It’s no surprise that, amid a rising tide of regulations and the advent of electrification, the many-cylindered heroes of the engine world are fading. Allow us, however, to doff our porkpie hats to BMW for letting the V-12 stick around this long—in an old-school luxury saloon, no less. If you’re a serious aficionado of V-12 Bimmers, expect a call from your dealership soon. 

2022 Porsche Cayenne goes Platinum

Intake: Following the recent Platinumization of the Panamera, Porsche is extending the sleek trim package to its longstanding family SUV, the Cayenne. That means satin-finish, platinum-esque trim on the strakes of the front air inlets, plus the same treatment for the “Porsche” and “Cayenne” lettering on the rear. Included are 21-inch wheels whose design is specific to this package, plus a reminder on the sill plates every time you enter and exit the vehicle that you’re having the, uh, Platinum experience. Platinum Edition SUVs also come standard with a bevy of other goodies from the Cayenne catalog: the fancy LED headlights, a big panoramic roof, the Bose stereo, eight-way sports seats, and that all-important clock on the dash. The package is available on the regular Cayenne—E-Hybrid and S, too—and on the Coupe variants as well.

Exhaust: Porsche knows how to burnish the appeal of an already successful model—add a dash of exclusivity (even if Platinum Editions aren’t actually limited-run) and just a sprinkle of visual distinction. At the very least, it’s a luxurious twist to enhance the Cayenne experience without going full Turbo or Turbo S.

This Ferrari one-off will be the star(ion) of RM Sotheby’s sale

Intake: A custom Ferrari that bears more than a passing resemblance to a Mitsubishi Starion is to be auctioned at RM Sotheby’s Paris sale. The Meera S was created by coachbuilder Michelotti for a member of the Saudi Royal family in the early 1980s. Based on a 1980 400i, the car was completely rebodied, and all we can see is Mitsubishi. The hidden A-pillars give the appearance of wraparound glass, and, uniquely, each pane including the side windows and rear window has its own wiper. Other innovations include a rear-view camera and dual-zone air conditioning. In 2010 the car underwent a massive $290,000 restoration by Ferrari Classiche and yet the auction estimate is between $105,000 and $125,000.

Exhaust: The Meera S was apparently the last Ferrari to be designed by Michelotti. We can’t possibly imagine why. Can you?

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