Sneak peek at Bronco SEMA builds, next Mercedes SL’s swanky interior, squeaky-clean MGB


Ford gives us a peek at Bronco SEMA builds

Intake: Ford has shared renderings of six SEMA builds that will debut on November 2 as Ford kicks off the SEMA show. The builds include two Bronco Sports and four Broncos. The ones that most piqued our interest are both two-doors. The red half-cab from BDS shows how the Bronco can be used by first-responders. It rides on a BDS 4-inch lift that uses new upper control arms, Fox 2.5 PES coilovers, BDS rear adjustable control arms and track bar, a swaybar disconnect, and 37-inch BFGoodrich KM3 tires. The Fun-Runner is from Vaughn Gittin Jr. and is based on a Badlands Bronco with an RTR soundbar, a custom wrap with throwback neon colors, and Fox Performance Elite 2.5 coilovers that are part of its off-road long-travel suspension system. It rides on 37-inch tires mounted to RTR Tech 6 forged bead-lock wheels.

Exhaust: You can expect Bronco to be the hottest vehicle for off-road shops to customize for this year’s SEMA show, finally giving the Wrangler some competition. The builds from Ford highlight how the aftermarket and parts directly from Ford can be combined to build a Bronco for extreme off-roading or for family adventures. We’ll bring you plenty more in just a couple of weeks when these SUVs are unveiled for real.

Polestar teams with Electrify America to offer two years of free fast charging


Intake: Starting in October, buyers and current owners of the 2021 and 2022 Polestar 2 can take advantage of no-cost 30-minute charging sessions from the “nation’s largest open ultra-fast DC charging network”. The offer is good for new Polestar 2 customers and also those that already own one, although the offer is good for two years starting with the date of initial purchase. Electrify America is working to double the number of chargers it operates, with a goal of 1700 ultra-fast charging stations and 9500 individual chargers in operation by the end of 2025.

Exhaust: The lack of robust charging infrastructure is likely making a lot of buyers reluctant to purchase their first electric vehicle. Polestar’s partnership with Electrify America is going to help them sell cars while also adding a much-needed service for other electric car owners. The 350-kW ultra-fast charging and 30-minute charges also gets electric fill-ups a bit closer to the usual time spent at a gas station, and the gap will hopefully continue to close as tech improves.

Sneak an early look inside the new SL

Mercedes-AMG SL interior 2022
Daimler AG

Intake: Mercedes continues to drip feed details of the new AMG SL ahead of its debut on October 28. This time it’s the interior that gets “leaked” so what do we learn? Unsurprisingly the dash is dominated by a sizable touch screen, but unlike the latest EQ models there are still a few physical buttons for seat controls and HVAC for example. The instrument panel is digital of course but at least it’s housed in a traditional binnacle rather than a standalone screen. The six-spoke steering wheel looks a little complex and may be quite a steep learning curve for owners moving up from the current SL. The jet-engine vents, quilted leather seats, mood lighting, and premium speakers all appear to be of a quality that Mercedes sports car buyers have come to expect over the last six decades. You can’t see the rear seats in this shot but the new SL will be 2+2, and it will also come with all-wheel drive for the very first time. Stay tuned for full details next week.

Exhaust: You can’t blame Mercedes-AMG for dragging this out. New SLs only come along once a decade and this model marks the most significant changes in a long time—not least of which is the fact that it will come only as an AMG. Given Mercedes’ march to electrification it will, no doubt, be the last example to be gasoline powered as well.

This MGB is 40 years old and as good as new

77 mile MGB
Car & Classic

Intake: A 1981 MGB Roadster with just 77 miles on the clock is expected to fetch over $40,000 at auction in the U.K. The B is one of 480 Limited Edition models made to celebrate 50 years of MG production at the Abingdon factory, and was stored from new by the owner who clearly saw it as long-term investment. Although it has been subject to regular fluid changes the service book remains unstamped due to the ridiculously low mileage. It comes with the original owner’s pack and handbook, a limited edition certificate, spare keys and a full tonneau that’s never been used. “Mechanically, nothing has been altered as you can see when you lift the bonnet, and the immaculate engine bay looks untouched. We think that this is a great collector car, especially with few Limited Edition Roadsters still in circulation,” says Chris Pollitt of auction site Car & Classic.

Exhaust: Over half a million MGBs were built during its 18-year run and sold all over the world. This example has to be the least-travelled B on the planet. Is that enough for someone to pay almost double the #1 Concours value? We’ll find out when the auction ends on October 27.

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