The insane electric bike bidding for a land speed record

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There are three things you need to break a land speed record: pace, space, and grace under pressure. French electric bike maker Voxan has them all.

Voxan’s new Wattman EV has 425 hp to provide the pace to reach 205 mph and set a new record for an electric bike. The Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia will provide the space for the run, and six-time world champion rider Max Biaggi will offer the riding grace.

Seemingly modeled on a Tron light cycle, the Wattman is wrapped in a full fairing to cut through the hot desert air. Its 15.9-kWh battery pack makes up nearly half the bike’s 300-pound weight and has been designed to deliver power in one short burst, rather than for range.

Instead of a radiator for cooling the motor and battery, the Wattman packs a dry ice reservoir, and in another break with tradition it uses double-wishbone suspension instead of a front fork. Only rear brakes are fitted. Rather you than us, Max!

The record attempt is slated for July 2021.

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