The 2022 Honda Civic sedan flaunts a tastefully minimalist interior, with one glaring omission


Backed by an emphasis on design, Honda’s latest heir to the Civic throne arrives in production-spec wearing the same mature aesthetic we admired when the prototype debuted in November of last year. It’s all you could’ve wanted—unless you’ve been hoping for a manual gearbox.

Yes, it’s unfortunately true. Buyers patiently waiting for a return of the six-speed manual will be sorely disappointed to hear that, as of 2021, Honda’s compact sedan will no longer offer a stick. The the row-your-own option will be reserved for the upcoming hatch, as well as the Si and Type R. For 2021, the Civic Coupe said sayonara, and it won’t be returning for 2022.

Honda’s banking on the fact that most Civic sedan buyers are going for something a bit more mainstream, albeit in an exceptionally refined package.

2022 Honda Civic Sedan blue

Wisely, Honda retained both inline four-cylinders that made the 2021 vehicle such a peppy little commuter. The most significant upgrade to either engine occurs in the 1.5-liter turbo, which Honda engineers managed to squeeze for 180 hp at 6000 rpm (an additional 6 compared to the previous model year), while optimizing the fuel economy for a net gain of 1–2 mpg, pending trim level.

Much has been said about the exterior already, but those interested in the new sedan’s on-road personality will note that the 2022 Civic’s new sheetmetal hides a wider rear end (+0.5 inches) and a longer wheelbase (+1.4 inches). Favorably aggressive dimensions, paired with a stiffened chassis and reengineered bushings, promises a driving experience that should supersede that of the outgoing model.

10 2022 Honda Civic Sedan Sport

Inside the cabin, Honda didn’t choose to significantly upgrade the materials, but it did take a cue from its overseas-only “e” model, making the interior less cluttered and more elegant. The standard 7-inch infotainment touchscreen now perches on, rather than in, the dash. (Thankfully, Honda retained a knob for volume and tuning control.) Our favorite detail is the honeycomb-inspired metal strip runs the full width of the dash (and was previously hinted at in the Honda design sketches). It offers a touch of class and texture, while also making itself useful: Hidden behind it all are the front air vents that would otherwise be visually distracting and would busy up the harmony of the dashboard.

Another first for the 2022 Civic is the 12-speaker Bose system unique to the Touring trim. The top-of-the-line model is also blessed with a 10.2 inch all-digital dash cluster, which communicates fun interactive driving information—like turn signaling, braking, and headlight mode—via a small Civic rendering in the center of the screen. As of this writing, Honda hasn’t released pricing for the uprated Touring trim (the 2021 Civic Touring starts at $29,295, including destination) or any other 2022 Civic trim.

Honda’s modernistic design voice appears consistently and capably executed on the eleventh-generation Civic. Stay tuned for what it’s like behind the wheel of Honda’s classic compact.

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