Tesla Model 3 gets significant updates for Europe, U.S. model likely imminent


The Tesla Model 3 is growing long in the tooth, and we should be getting an updated model soon. Europe just got its refresh, and while there is no indication that it’s the same Model 3 the U.S. will see, it’s worth a look because many of the features and styling will likely carry over to the American version.

Tesla is advertising a range of 629 kilometers (391 miles) on the European WLTP cycle, and a 15-minute charging top-off that can restore 282 kilometers (175 miles). That’s for the Model 3 Long Range version, which has dual motors and all-wheel drive. The base model has a single motor and rear-wheel drive and has a range of 513 kilometers (319 miles) according to the WLTP cycle. Roughly estimating EPA equivalents, these figures do not promise significant range changes from the current U.S. model’s 272-mile (base) and 333-mile (Long Range) ratings.

Outside, the revised Model 3 is considerably sleeker, with “exterior styling maximized for optimum aerodynamics.” Tires and wheels have been upgraded, and there are two new colors: Stealth Gray and Ultra Red, which are “designed to change with light and viewing angle.”

Inside, the interior is all-new, with “wraparound styling that cocoons you inside.” The sound system has up to 17 speakers, with dual subwoofers and dual amplifiers. There’s a 15.5-inch center touchscreen, new ambient lighting around the dashboard, and new for rear passengers is an 8-inch touchscreen for entertainment and adjusting the temperature. Wireless charging is capable of supporting  two phones at the same time. Seats are ventilated, and can warm or cool ahead of your drive via cell the Tesla app. Compared with the outgoing Model 3, expect more premium interior materials and less noise inside.

“Enjoy a whisper-quiet cabin,” Tesla says, “thanks to 360-degree acoustic glass. Take in the sky underneath an all-glass roof that lets in light while protecting you from harmful UV rays.”

Tesla Model 3 Redesign EU Model interior

The Tesla Model 3 “benefits from the same features that make our other vehicles so safe: energy-absorbing side sills, a fortified battery pack mounted low in the vehicle to reduce rollover risk and a metal body structure that can withstand many times the car’s weight. Active safety features like automatic emergency braking come standard.”

The position and weight of the battery pack “reduces rollover risk and improves emergency avoidance handling.”

Tesla’s Autopilot enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically within its lane under your active supervision, “assisting with the most burdensome parts of driving.” With over-the-air software updates, the latest enhancements are available instantly.

Tesla Model 3 Redesign EU Model side profile graphite

Acceleration is 6.1 seconds from 0-62 mph for the rear-drive model; 4.4 seconds for the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive version. Top speed of both models is 125 mph.

The Model 3 comes with a basic warranty of four years or 80,000 kilometers (almost 50,000 miles), whichever comes first. The battery and drive unit are warrantied for eight years or 160,000 kilometers (99,419 miles).

The Model 3 is available for ordering now in most of Europe, with deliveries expected to begin in October. As mentioned, no word on how much of this applies to the upcoming U.S. version, but we suspect quite a bit of it will. Timing for U.S. models is unclear, but a rollout in the beginning of 2024 seems probable.




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    This seems more like a mid-cycle refresh rather than a new generation, even though it probably should be the latter. Still, any improvements are welcome. It will be interesting to see what affect this will have on the resale value of the current version. One of my gripes when looking at and pricing Tesla is the exorbitant up-charge for different paint colors. By the time Tesla gets around to a true second-gen version, EVs may be worth serious consideration.

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