Tesla “Cybertruck” to grace mortal eyes on November 21

In addition to illuminating the free world that Blade Runner is one of his favorite movies, the Tesla CEO has just announced on Twitter—to all his adoring fans—that Tesla’s electric truck will debut November 21 in Los Angeles near the SpaceX rocket factory.

Stuffing a stylish C-10’s bed full of batteries simply won’t cut it in this brave new world. Chevrolet or GMC will likely join Tesla, Ford, and Rivian in bringing an electric pickup to production. Ford’s already quite proud that an electric F-150 prototype towed 1.25 million pounds’ worth of train; Musk appears ready to take things further with a rocket factory as the backdrop for his big reveal. Uh huh.

In a podcast back in June, Musk said the truck, nicknamed Cybertruck, should come in under $50,000. Given that Tesla’s customer base doesn’t tend to shop at Goodwill and the pricing structure for the “bargain” $30,000 Model 3 is… nuanced, we remain skeptical. That’s a reasonable market entry point, however, theoretically putting it nose-to-nose with a SuperCab F-150 sporting the 2.7 EcoBoost V-6 and four-wheel drive (which Elon insists Tesla’s “Cybertruck” will surpass…by some metric or another). What isn’t, at first glance, a reasonable performance benchmark is a base 911. Revel in your time, Elon. 

Tesla will ostensibly reveal the truck and some additional details on November 21—and yes, Truckla is invited.

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