Team Camaro in overdrive as SEMA concept front fascia is well received

Chevrolet is rushing to change the front fascia of the 2019 Camaro SS after the reveal of a “concept” fascia for the SEMA show in Las Vegas next week, according to enthusiast website GM Authority. The refreshed grille for the 2019 model year proved to be a very polarizing look that the already-struggling-for-sales Camaro SS didn’t need. Now Chevy is on a short schedule to get production ramped up following the well-received concept.

Enthusiasts have not been quiet about their distaste for the new front end treatment, which was styled with the intention of creating a “uniform look” between the muscle car and the rest of Chevy’s passenger car lineup. Though deliveries have already begun for 2019 Camaro SS models, Chevrolet realized it was worth the effort to test the waters while at SEMA and find how a redesign would sit with Chevrolet faithful.

Seeing how Camaro sales have plummeted 28 percent this year, it’s unsurprising that GM decided to take action. This drop represents a decrease three times more aggressive than that of the average sports car sales figures. Despite these declining numbers, however, the latest-generation Camaro is lauded by critics for its excellent driving dynamics and ability to punch above its weight class.

We are curious to see what this means for the cars that have already been delivered. Will there be options for dealer-installed updates? Will all of the cars receive the change? Surely there’s a plan in place should the new fascia make it to production.

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