Swindon now offers its EV-specific transmission as a stand-alone product

E-tranmission from swindon powertrain
Swindon Powertrain

The folks over at Swindon Powertrain must be both competent powertrain developers and international fans of The O’Jays, because they are certainly unafraid to give the people what they want. The product in question? Their versatile single-speed gearbox, a natural OE-spec match made in heaven for loads of existing EV motors on the market today—and not just Swindon’s.

The company has begun to make waves thanks to its EV conversion packages, a natural extension of its focus on ease of use and practicality. Swindon’s E-transmission follows in that same vein; since it’s offered as a stand-alone component, EV builders can purchase the gearbox without committing to an entire drivetrain, thus saving time and money. Offering the transmission as a separate product is a wise move on Swindon’s part; its EV-focused demographic will likely include a wide variety of buyers, from general enthusiasts to smaller commercial efforts.

Swindon E-Transmission Applications
Swindon Powertrain

Highlights of the product include its two available gear ratios, 11.508:1 or 6.332:1; a flanged e-motor adaptor plate, to aid fitment; and OE-spec helical gears on the inside. Overall weight rings in at 17.9 kilos, a hair shy of 40 pounds. At 9.8 x 15 x 9 inches, the whole assembly is the size of a hefty loaf of bread (in mm, that’s 250 x 384 x 228).

Extras include universally flanged driveshaft joint housings (~$678), Classic Mini specific housings (~$1334), a limited-slip diff (~$808), and even a satin-black finish (~$227).

“Since launching the HPD E Powertrain products, we have been inundated with customer enquiries from all four corners of the globe and with each enquiry we gain further insight into the needs and requirements of the end consumer,” says Gérry Hughes, Swindon Powertrain’s commercial director. “Adding the E-Transmission to our expanding range of electrification products designed and manufactured by Swindon Powertrain provides our customers with the ultimate flexibility when it comes to converting or building their EV. They can buy an entire system or select just the parts they need. This is more affordable, proven and simple to integrate, accelerating the shift to electrification.”

E-transmissions are globally available for purchase online to the tune of ~$3373 plus tax and delivery. Is this the missing piece to your EV vision? Might be time to tackle that long-awaited conversion project.

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