UK’s Swind E Classic Mini EV has 125-miles of range, costs $103K

Considering that the classic Mini already looks like a remote-control toy, it only makes sense that someone would electrify one. Sixty years after the birth of the original Mini, a UK tech company is electrifying a limited run of 100 surviving examples.

Swind, a UK tech outfit normally focused on prototypes for supercar OEMs, is honoring the legendary British hatchback with its recently announced E Classic Mini. It pairs a fully restored classic Mini body with an electric powertrain, utilizing a 80kW (107-hp) electric motor produced in-house by Swindon Powertrain. The cars can accelerate from 0–60 mph in 9.2 seconds and have a top speed of 80 mph, and the battery allows 125 miles of range.

Swind says the E Classic Mini, which was recently revealed at the London Classic Car Show, “instills all the affection of the original with state-of-the-art EV technology to create an individual, nippy, zero-emissions city car with character.”

“The classic Mini has such a special place in people’s hearts, not only in the UK but around the world,” says Raphaël Caillé, Swindon Powertrain’s managing director. “The packaging of Sir Alec Issigonis’ 1959 design was truly groundbreaking, and now we are making it relevant again.”

E Classic Mini steering wheel
E Classic Mini charging

E Classic Mini front 3/4

According to Swind, the Classic E Mini has “a raft of modern features under its skin to ensure it can be used year-round.” That includes underfloor heating as well as heated leather seats and front and rear glass. Other modern amenities include a navigation and infotainment system, USB ports, power steering, a full-length sliding fabric roof, and air conditioning. The Classic E Mini is available in left- and right-hand drive, and in six colors.

With the gas tank removed in favor of a compact lithium-ion battery, the car has more cargo space. Other advantages are a lower center of gravity and a more balanced front/rear weight ratio.

So how much does this classic-meets-modern-tech Mini cost? Try $100K. Ouch. At that price, you might be tempted to find a specialty shop to do the conversion for you.

Swind, which also makes the EB-01 electric bicycle, is not affiliated with Mini. In fact, Mini is coming out with an EV of its own later this year. Something tells us the classic will have a bit more personality.

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