Suspect leads police on chase in huge Super Duty 6×6

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A stolen Ford Super Duty 6×6 was involved in a police chase through the San Fernando yesterday night. Christopher Comstock, better known as DJ and music producer Marshmello, had his customized Ford stolen from a Ford dealership, presumably while it was in for service. The thief then drew the attention of the California Highway Patrol and the Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department thanks to some reckless driving. As our own Jack Baruth recently articulated, using a very distinct vehicle isn’t the best bet for a clandestine getaway. This one, it won’t surprise you, is a particularly poor choice for tight urban maneuvers.

Los Angeles is the place to live if you want great food, nice weather, and a chance to make it on TV. Unfortunately, more stars are born by way of police chase than they are each pilot season. Despite the fact that suspects rarely escape once they’ve drawn the kind of attention that lands them on live television, Los Angeles averages 1000 police chases a year. It’s true that some manage to evade the cops, at least for a while, but none that we can remember have selected such a noticeable vehicle as this Super Duty conversion built by Diesel Brothers.

We haven’t heard about any reports of bystanders hurt by the chase, but the truck did come to an anticlimactic end when it crashed into a pole. Fast forward until about 21 minutes in if that’s your thing.

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