These superbly detailed movie car scale models will blow your mind

Eaglemoss is a UK-based company that sells officially licensed collectibles, like figurines of DC and Marvel comic book characters. The firm seems to have the world of fandom covered pretty comprehensively, as its portfolio also includes the WWE, Harry Potter’s wizards, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, the Walking Dead, and the Alien and Predator movies. Eaglemoss hasn’t ignored car enthusiasts, either, and offers a novel way to get some very detailed 1:8 scale die-cast models of some very cool cars.

Eaglemoss’ Model Enthusiast line features Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine from Back To The Future, a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, a R35 Nissan GT-R, and the James Bond Aston Martin DB5. The models are superbly and exquisitely detailed, and as you would expect in large 1:8 scale replicas, the engines are accurately modeled and the doors and hoods open and close.

The two movie cars also include all the props you could hope for.

James Bond DB5
James Bond DB5 Eaglemoss
James Bond DB5
James Bond DB5 Eaglemoss

Agent 007’s Aston features many of Q’s gadgets that made the car as much of a star of Goldfinger as Sean Connery was, including concealed machine guns, rotating license plates, retractable rear bulletproof screen, contra-rotating tire slashers, retractable overriders, Bond’s hidden compartment for weapons, a working ejector seat, working lights, and a working horn.

The BTTF DeLorean has working steering, a “working” flux capacitor, folding seats, and all sorts of active lights, including the exterior cables that glow blue, headlights and taillights, interior and door lighting, and the time machine’s displays set to dates used in the first film in the BTTF franchise.

You can’t just buy the models, though. Eaglemoss uses a subscription model for what it calls partwork or build-up models. You start the subscription with just $1.95. That gets you the first two “issues,” sets of parts and an accompanying magazine that includes building instructions and trivia about the movies. Then, every month thereafter until the model is completed, you’ll get sent four issues for $10.90 plus $1.95 shipping and handling per issue—about $50 a month. 

Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing
Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Eaglemoss

There is no obligation, you can pause or cancel the subscription at anytime, and there are premiums that come as you buy more issues and complete more of the model, but the process is neither inexpensive nor fast.

The BTTF DeLorean has 130 issues. That means it will take you almost three years and $1646.75 to complete your time machine. That’s not cheap, but it’s a lot less money than a real DeLorean. If you’d like, you can extend the subscription for another 30 issues that will allow you to upgrade the time machine to the specs for the third BTTF movie. The Gullwing 300SL has 100 issues ($1,261.25), the R35 GT-R has 100 issues, with 30 bonus issues ($1,621.05 total), and the Bond Aston Martin is a relatively quick build at just 86 issues ($1,081.35).

Eaglemoss says that it will soon be releasing similar subscription-based models of the George Barris Batmobile from the campy 1966 television series starring Adam West, and of Ecto-1, the 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance used in the original 1984 Ghostbusters. Sign us up.

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