Stellantis launches online one-stop shop for the U.S.A.


If you’re looking for a used Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Ram or Wagoneer parent company Stellantis has just launched a pre-owned program to bring all its brands together under one virtual roof. is targeted at customers seeking a digital purchase experience and the website will also let you sell your old car. Simply tap in your zip code and SPOTiCAR will offer up thousands of previously-owned models from across its network of 2600 dealerships. You can then fine-tune your selection based on brand, model, price, proximity and mileage.

All cars sold by SPOTiCAR will have been appraised and prepared by Stellantis dealers and come with a minimum three-month warranty and roadside assistance, which can be extended. If you’re selling then you simply add in your car’s age, mileage and specification to receive an instant appraisal—subject to inspection by a dealer, of course.

“SPOTiCAR arrives in the U.S. at a time of rapid change in the fast-growing, extremely competitive and highly digitalized global used-car market,” said Head of U.S. Sales Jeff Kommor. “With SPOTiCAR, Stellantis further establishes itself as a multi-brand pre-owned vehicle operator. The program is designed to create a stress-free experience for customers in search of a pre-owned vehicle. Buyers can search the Stellantis brand vehicle of their choice through our designated SPOTiCAR website, and easily determine where to locate the one nearest to them before making their final purchase online or directly at the dealership.”

Unlike online rivals such as Carvana, SPOTiCAR isn’t a risk for Stellantis as it’s essentially just a platform that makes it easier to link customers to existing dealer inventory, rather than a big-ticket startup, and the model is already a proven success in Europe where it operates in 11 different countries, after first launching in France in 2019.

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    If you know what to do you can search most MFG dealer inventory.

    They just made it easier. I always wondered why it was difficult to search unless the dealers fought it.

    While I’m not typically a big “better-living-through-the-internet” fan, I like this development. This is the sort of technology that can really make things easier to do. Of course, I’d be skittish of buying online – for the kind of money spent on vehicles (even used) nowadays, I think I want to actually kick the tires. But this might help quickly find something in my area to go look at.

    I’m surprised this was not a thing from the manufacturer already. But haven’t I been able to do this through Autotrader?


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