Spied: Camo-free Corvette mule hints at hybrid E-Ray


Spy photographers have captured what looks to be the first shots of the upcoming hybrid C8 Corvette without any camouflage. The future Vette looks like a Z06 convertible at first glance, as the aggressive body is decidedly wider than the Stingray. Note the Y-shaped trim surrounding the side air vents that match the Z06, compared to the C-shaped trim on the smaller Stingray side vents.

The rear of the E-Ray tells a slightly different tale, as it uses quad exhaust tips low on each side of the car, rather than the center exit setup used on the Z06. Our spy shooter also noted that the mule’s engine note didn’t sound like the snarling flat-plane-crank Z06.

All of these clues point to the high-performance hybrid Corvette E-Ray that many, including us, have speculated about for several years. The hybrid system could place batteries in the C8’s tall center tunnel for mass centralization and use the frunk area to house a front differential with electric motors to create the first all-wheel-drive Corvette from Chevrolet. It’s suspected that Chevrolet will keep the LT2 V-8 to power the rear wheels. Supercar makers have been building AWD hybrids for nearly a decade now, and bringing supercar performance to a much broader audience is kind of the Corvette’s schtick.

The E-Ray could be the replacement for the Grand Sport and serve as a bridge in performance between the Stingray and Z06, giving AWD grip for hard launches and clawing around corners. We’re not sure what kind of total power numbers to expect, but given GM’s recent electric motor news, an additional 241 hp might be in the cards.

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