Some insane Swedes have dropped a tank engine into a Crown Vic

The Meteor Interceptor / YouTube

We’ve seen some titanic tank engine swaps in our time but it takes a special kind of madness to fit a Rolls-Royce Meteor motor into a Ford Crown Victoria.

Yet that is exactly what Daniel Werner and his buddies have done to create the Meteor Interceptor, and, as their latest video confirms, the 27-liter V-12 beast already makes too much power for the dyno.

Werner estimated that the Meteor would muscle up 650 horsepower and 1450 lb-ft of torque, but during its first test on a rolling road the engine outputted 1622 lb-ft at less than 3000 rpm. Oh, and that’s without the twin Borg Warner S500SX turbochargers running, by the way. With those turbines spinning Werner and co. are aiming for 2500 hp and 3800 lb-ft.

The project began in 2019 after Werner bought the engine from a Finnish fanatic who had acquired 50 Meteors from the Swedish army.  The first fire-up of the Meteor was achieved soon after, and it was shoe-horned into the former California cop car in June the following year. A huge amount of work that included installing a firewall, roll-cage, bullet-proof polycarbonate windscreen, brakes, new axles, a carbon fiber steering column and racing shifter, electronic control unit and power distribution module was done by early 2022, and the car ran for the first time in April.

The Meteor engine is already delivering beyond expectations and the car clearly runs and drives. We’re looking forward to the next instalment with the turbos up to speed and full-send from the Scandinavians towards their 200 mph target in this crazy Crown Vic.

Meteor Interceptor tank powered Crown Victoria 2
The Meteor Interceptor / YouTube

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