Shred lightly with this electric snow bike


MoonBikes, a startup based in the French Alps, is set to electrify mountain sports with a pair of battery-powered snow bikes.

Halfway between a snowmobile and a dirt bike, its Stardust and Ranger bikes have simple ’70s throwback styling and a 3-kW (4-hp) electric motor driving a single rear caterpillar track. Steering is by a front ski and the MoonBikes can power through the white stuff at speeds of up to 28 mph.

Stardust is a paired back bike design for winter sports fans, while the Ranger is aimed at people who make their livings in the mountains and can carry more kit. The lightweight bikes weigh just 176 pounds, giving them rapid acceleration and agile handling as you can witness in the video below.

Both bikes can hold one or two 2-kWh batteries giving a maximum potential range of 43 miles. The batteries can be removed for charging.

The MoonBikes will be available to pre-order in January 2021 but deliveries to the U.S.A. aren’t expected until the winter of 2021/22 giving you plenty of time to buy a matching pair of Moon Boots to wear when you take to the snow.

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