Shop 500,000 vintage British car parts on Motoclan’s new website

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A new superstore for British car parts will be groaning under the weight of more than 500,000 spare parts for makes including Austin, Austin-Healey, Jaguar, Land Rover, MG, Triumph, and TVR—and it can all be browsed and ordered online. brings together famous names under one umbrella site, including Leacy Classics, Wood and Pickett, MG Rover’s Xpart, and Racing Green’s TVR parts arm. Motaclan has been trading for more than a decade, but the newly launched website is “a new era” for the company, says Tim Lyons, its managing director.

The move means car owners and those working in the classic car trade will have easy access to a treasure trove of replacement parts. Leacy Classics has been in the business for nearly 40 years, supplying spares and accessories for come of Britain’s most-loved cars, from the MGB to TR6 and E-Type to Mini. XPart was originally set up to cater to the MG, Rover, and Rover Mini brands.

The comprehensive range of stock spans everything from service items to wear and tear parts such as engine and gearbox mounts, suspension components, and gaskets and oil seals. Those undertaking a restoration will find body parts, accessories, interior trim, and even body shells all available at the click of a mouse. Items available on are shipped from its Birmingham warehouse and can be shipped globally, says the company.

“The launch of Motaclan and our dedicated new online retail experience marks a new and exciting era for the group,” said Tim Lyons. “We are passionate about keeping our much-loved British classics on the road and preserving our historic models to keep the legacy alive.”

Other popular marques and models catered for include Land Rover’s Series models, Defenders, the first two generations of Discovery, and the Range Rover Classic. A similarly wide range of TVR parts are available, from early pre M-Series models to the late Tuscan 2 and T350. Some parts for Lotus cars are also in stock.

We’ll leave the obvious jokes about all three brands keeping parts suppliers in business to the forums.

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    What made you decide that the website is such a colossal disappointment? I opened several of the marques spares departments and I only wish they had as many spares as this website has when I was building my Austin Healey 3000, Austin Ten, TR3a, Ford Zephyr Six convertible etc.

    Be careful Hagerty, there are a lot of restorers and connoisseurs out there who are very knowledgeable about Brit car parts and where to find them. Promoting a site like this does not enhance your expertise in classic cars.

    Looked for all the suspension/steering parts I need for my 1963 Jaguar MK2 sedan. They didn’t have squat. I was so momentarily excited!

    Parts inventory looks comprehensive, but no images? Am I missing something? I would find it tough to purchase a part without some sort of illustration or photo

    Checked out the web-site, as someone else noticed no photo’s. No photo’s, no interest, no sale.
    Price is about one-half for a fuel gauge for my 1969 MGB versus Moss Motors, but only because $ 1.00 Cdn. = 0.61 Sterling. No information as to shipping charges to anywhere but the UK proper. Company has some work to do.

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