Rolls-Royce Silver Bullet aims to be the ultimate roadster

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Rolls-Royce has a Silver Bullet and it’s not afraid to use it. As this glorious set of photographs shows, the British luxury brand has added a very special Dawn roadster to its line-up.

The Silver Bullet does away with the rear seats, replacing them with an aero cowling that Rolls-Royce describes as “rakish”. In fact that’s quite a good description for the whole car. One can just imagine some cad shamelessly swishing around Italy’s Lake Garda, up to no good. Oh, wait, that’s exactly what the photographs show.


The pictures also reveal the car’s Brewster Silver paintwork, which is a throwback to Rolls-Royce trials cars of a century ago. There’s a titanium wind deflector with “Silver Bullet” engraved, darker headlamps and dark grey wheels. Inside there’s exposed carbon fiber on the fascia and the rear cowling.


Mechanically, the Silver Bullet retains the Dawn’s 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12 with the same 570 hp on tap. However, the Silver Bullet is likely to be a tad lighter and so may well improve on the Dawn’s 4.9-second 0-62mph acceleration.

Rolls-Royce will produce just 50 Silver Bullets, with prices not yet announced. The standard Dawn starts at $350,000 so it’s hard not to think that Rolls-Royce will be shooting for seven figures with this limited model.

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