Roadkill Nights Returns, Highlights Dodge’s Shift to Hurricane Inline-Six Power


Dodge is planning some new thrills for the ninth installment of its annual Roadkill Nights this summer. Once again, Woodward Avenue will be the venue for legally sanctioned drag racing as the Direct Connection Grudge Race pits six competitors against each other in fresh builds they should be wrapping up about now. Some of the biggest changes at the event will reflect recent shakeups at Dodge.

To highlight the company’s shift in powertrains, the Direct Connection Grudge Race competitors will all be using the HurriCrate, the crate engine version of the turbocharged 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six powering Ram, Jeep, and Dodge trucks, SUVs, and upcoming performance cars. This will also mark the first Roadkill Nights without Tim Kuniskis at Dodge’s helm. Kuniskis was instrumental in getting the grassroots event up and running and was fully behind the ambitious plan of drag racing on Woodward. Dodge seems to be in good hands, however, as Matt McAlear is at the reins and has big plans for the event.

The Direct Connection all-new HurriCrate series of crate engines will offer a lineup including a Cat 1 crate engine that delivers up to 420 horsepower and a Cat 3 engine (above) that reaches up to 550 horsepower, based on preliminary estimates.Stellantis

“For nearly a decade Roadkill Nights has brought horsepower enthusiasts together for a celebration of performance like none other, and the 2024 event will add to the legacy of Dodge and MotorTrend’s horsepower circus,” said Matt McAlear, Dodge brand CEO. “In addition to drag racing and the Direct Connection Grudge Race, we have surprises in store this year that are sure to send a charge through all Roadkill Nights attendees.”

For more information on Roadkill Nights, and to track the Direct Connection Grudge Race competitors, visit


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