Help Roadkill find its stolen Mazdarati pickup

Keep your eyes peeled, as Roadkill’s banana-yellow, rear-engined “Mazdarati” project vehicle was stolen from its trailer over the weekend. The little Mazda REPU was last seen at the Blythe, California, Hampton Inn, where the zip-tie-fixing duo of David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan had just wrapped up shooting their latest episode.

The thief is obviously not a fan of the show, as the Olds-455-swapped truck is not only easily recognizable, but also very broken. Posts from Finnegan and Freiburger’s Instagram accounts displayed numerous instances of nitrous-induced mechanical mayhem leading up to its eventual trailering. Judging from the carnage, we’re guessing that the “Mazdarati” was still unsuccessful in its attempts to finally produce a 10-second quarter mile, as promised by the seller when it was acquired by the guys in Episode 45 of Roadkill.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Roadkill’s perpetually-broken, yet strangely-awesome “Mazdarati,” email

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