Report: Volkswagen May (Finally!) Be Working on a New Scirocco


As we told you just two weeks ago, values for the long-discontinued Volkswagen Sciroccos are on the rise, especially the Mk II model, which debuted in America in 1982. Though the Scirocco hasn’t been offered in the U.S. since 1988, “The last five years have treated Mk II Sciroccos exceptionally well. Values for the best cars have exploded from just under $13,000 in 2019 to a full 60 grand in the latest edition of the Hagerty Price Guide,” noted senior editor Eddy Eckart.

It seems every few years we get wind of a new Scirocco model (the name, by the way, means a strong wind from the Sahara), but so far, nothing. Until now, perhaps: Autocar suggests that the Volkswagen Scirocco may be “primed for comeback as [an] EV sports coupe.”

The publication claims that a “high-ranking insider” revealed that the VW Scirocco could be part of a plan that would include the electric Porsche Boxster and Cayman, a new version of the Audi TT, and a production version of the Cupra Dark Rebel, which has been shown as a concept. Cupra is a Spanish brand.

VW PPE ev platform

The four-passenger, all-electric Scirocco would be built, Autocar speculates, on a stretched version of the PPE platform which is being developed for the new Boxster and Cayman. It could be rear-wheel-drive and powered by a single motor, or all-wheel-drive with a motor at each end, or likely both. The higher-powered version could be marketed as a Scirocco R.

Assuming it’s true, when might we see a new Scirocco? As early as 2028, “if ultimately granted production approval by Volkswagen brand CEO Thomas Schäfer,” says Autocar.

We’ve reached out to VW about the rumor, and expectedly got back: “No comment.”





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    I don’t recall the Scirocco ever having a 5-cyl.

    Done right, though, the EV motor could put a lot of fun in that coupe. Even in ICE form, it’s not like we’d see anything near a 2,100 lb car.

    There was never a 5-cyl Scirocco. I owned 2 1980 models. The first was one of the neatest cars I’ve ever owned. Had to sell it for college tuition (imagine that). The second one was not well-maintained, and had numerous gremlins that caused me to sell.
    I’d love a new one!

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