Report: Mitsubishi to kill Mirage in U.S.


Now you see it, soon you won’t: The Mirage, Mitsubishi’s lone automobile in a showroom full of SUVs, will be discontinued in the U.S. market, says Automotive News.

“The Japanese automaker will halt U.S. sales of the Mirage, available as a four-door hatchback and a sedan, by mid-decade and exit the sedan market altogether,” the publication says. “With a starting price of $17,340 including shipping, the subcompact has a singular selling point: efficient transportation at a bargain-basement price.”

“The Mirage became the modern Yugo, a used-car alternative for people who desperately wanted a new car,” said Sam Fiorani, vice president at AutoForecast Solutions. U.S. sales of the Mitsubishi Mirage “tumbled 44 percent in the first half of 2023. The subcompact went on sale here in 2013,” Automotive News says.

Mitsubishi had no comment.

The manufacturer’s website ( lists six current models—the 2024 Outlander, the 2024 Eclipse Cross, the 2023 Outlander PHEV, the 2023 Outlander Sport, and the 2023 Mirage sedan and hatchback.





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    Not for me, but know people that have bought these new and driven the wheels off of them. A dependable little rig. Up North this is an affordable car (Geo Metro’s used to be ubitquous in NW WI too). Too bad for the market.

    What a sad little penalty box. Mitsubishi used to make small cars that were still fun. This thing looked like a poor alternative to a decent used car. This car will not be missed but fun small Mitusbishi’s are missed.

    I just came here to say I loved my time with the Mirage back in 2014 as a journo, and there were multiple occasions when I went to their website, spec’d one, saw the incentives, and almost bought one from a local dealership. I can’t say that about many cars I’ve experienced, and its a shame the market has no interest in cars this honest.

    I just found the Mirage to be what I saw.

    Seriously Mitsubishi just had issues away from the coast. Lack of dealers and durability. Rust was a major issue as well just overall durability for bad roads.

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