Pre-ordering now open for 1000-hp Hellephant crate engine

Horsepower fans rejoice, the wait for Mopar’s newest 1000 horsepower crate motor is finally over. OK, that’s not exactly the case, but pre-ordering of the ludicrously powerful 426-cubic-inch beast is now available to the public. Not a bad way to celebrate Hemi Day.

For those who somehow managed to miss this supercharged bombshell, Mopar unveiled the Hellephant crate engine to much fanfare at the SEMA show in Las Vegas last October. The engine, based on the Gen III Hemi V-8, promised turn-key four-digit power numbers right out of the box, one-upping both the 707-hp Hellcrate and GM’s 776-hp LSX 454R for crate-engine supremacy.

Pricing has also been announced at $29,995, and while that’s not exactly cheap, it’s probably one of the more cost-effective ways to get into the 1000-horsepower club—especially if you take into consideration the time and effort saved by this pre-engineered package.

Act fast if you’re thinking about placing an order, because allocations will be limited to the first 1000 lucky customers. Keep your ear to the ground, as more Hellephants will surely be rumbling this way.

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