Porsche builds a trucking big “turbo” charger

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The latest Porsche is a mega truck packed with megawatts to charge a fleet of Taycan EVs. It has been designed to offer mobile charging at race tracks and remote locations where Porsche runs demonstration drives.

This means Porsche doesn’t need to rely on patchy local EV charging infrastructure when planning events and can bring its own power to wherever it needs.

We’ve seen Tesla use a similar solution for media photoshoots and magazine tests at remote road courses.

Each truck can charge ten Taycans simultaneously and, with a 2.1-megawatt-hour capacity, there’s enough juice for a total of 30 charges before the truck itself needs to be plugged in. Where possible Porsche says that it will use renewable energy to recharge the mobile units and that it takes only four hours to pack them with protons.

Porsche has built seven Turbo Charging trucks so far and they’ve been deployed all over Europe from sunny Portugal to frozen Finland where they provide power for Porsche’s Ice Experience.


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