Pink and you missed it. Barbie Hot Wheels are an instant sell-out


A Hot Wheels collection of four Chevrolet Corvettes that feature in the box-office blockbuster Barbie has already sold out.

The special pack contained 1:64 scale ‘Vettes in pastel pink, blue, yellow and silver with flame detailing. Each car received elevated deco, all-metal construction and Real Riders wheels. A unique Barbie Land diorama display box was also included for fans to recreate scenes from the Margot Robbie masterpiece.

Hot Wheels Barbie Corvette Collection 3

If, somehow, you’ve missed this summer’s big screen hit, you may not know that all the Barbies in Barbie Land drive Corvettes. Ken meanwhile, has an electric Hummer, while there’s also a flame-furnished Kendom Corvette featured in the collection.

Although it’s modelled on the C1 Barbie’s silver screen Corvette is actually 23 percent smaller than the real deal. What’s more it’s powered by an electric motor and can only be driven remotely via a VR system, leaving Robbie free to focus on her performance. In total the film’s makers built five ‘Vettes—one more than Mattel’s limited edition collection.

You can still see the movie in theaters, but the demand for the Hot Wheels Barbie Corvette 4-pack was so big that the $30 set was sold out in days, as was a bigger radio-controlled version. Looks like everyone is thinking pink this summer.

Hot Wheels Barbie Corvette Collection 2




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    I think there was an error in this article. It said the cars were 1/4 scale. No, they would likely be 1/64 scale since that is the standard size for most Hot Wheels cars.

    hot wheels collectors only care about the collectability of the set and the cars themselves….they could care less about the movie.

    I see JuliaAnne is busy spamming the articles today.

    Why isn’t this being flagged for moderation like every other post I do?

    That is a spambot that occasionally manages to breach the layers of security we have for commenters and posts spam. We are usually pretty quick in catching it. Sadly, legitimate community members like Gary occasionally get caught in the filters. It’s a constant battle to find the right balance.

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