Pininfarina PURA Vision concept takes a leaf or two out of the history book


Italy’s Automobili Pininfarina is building its future as a fully-fledged car maker on its storied coachbuilding past. As an all-electric Luxury Utility Vehicle, the company’s new PURA Vision concept is the most advanced car it’s ever shown, but it is claimed to carry 94 years of design DNA.

More specifically the designers of the unusual, high-sided, glass domed, gullwing-doored, and wide-haunched coupe-SUV looked back to the 1947 Cisitalia 202 for inspiration for its low hood and high fenders, and to the 1955 Lancia Florida for pillarless “lounge doors”. The Cisitalia was the first motor vehicle to go on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, while the Florida was said to be one of founder Battista Farina’s favourite designs.

“PURA Vision previews an exciting future and shows what can be achieved if we apply our PURA design principles to an entirely new kind of vehicle,” says Pininfarina CEO Paolo Dellachà. “Much more important than simply a concept previewing one forthcoming vehicle, PURA Vision presents a sharp, modern design philosophy inspired by the rich heritage of Pininfarina and defining an unmistakable recipe for a collection of beautiful new luxury cars.”

Inside the clear dome of the cabin there’s a nautical theme, with floating front seats said to be suspended like the foil of a racing yacht, and the center console taking the shape of a sail. A central touchscreen and head-up display feed information to the driver, while those relaxing in the rear seats can enjoy a chilled glass of Prosecco from the integrated wine cooler. Every occupant can choose the soundtrack to their road trip as the semi-aniline leather seats each feature individual headrest speakers. Carbon fiber, wool, and recycled polyester and aluminum add to the ambience.

The PURA Vision will be on display during Monterey Car Week where Pininfarina will also introduce its next full production model to line up alongside the wild Battista electric hypercar.

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    Bluntly, it’s ugly. Butt ugly. And impractical as well. Like most of their designs the shock value is first and foremost, but like the rest, this will never turn a wheel on a public road.

    Not only does it have a screen to activate various functions but, its located low and flat on the console. Distracting and takes the driver’s eyes off the road. Also, alcohol for the back seat passengers does not quite cut it with the local highway patrol.

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