Piaggio Celebrates 140 Years With a Special Edition Vespa


Any business that successfully navigates 140 years without completely disappearing has every right to celebrate. Only a handful of companies that can boast that kind of record, and considering the first patented automobile debuted 138 years ago, it’s impressive that any car or motorcycle manufacturer has been churning out products since the very beginning. Piaggio, an Italian maker of scooters and motorcycles, has stood that test of time and released a special edition from one of its most popular brands, Vespa, to commemorate it.

Though Piaggio owns other storied marques like Moto Guzzi and Aprilia, we think Vespa was the right choice for the celebratory scooter, dubbed the 140th of Piaggio. The brand’s timeless air is rooted in a core design that has survived decades with only subtle updates. The iconic step-through scooter is how movie directors tell audiences the setting is suddenly in Europe without having to say it—just put a few buzzing two-stroke Vespas running down a cobbled street and poof, scene set.

The styling might have stayed, but the buzzy two-stroke power plant is a thing of the past. The 140th of Piaggio special edition packs a 23-hp punch from a 278-cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine under the rear cowling. A CVT transmission multiplies the engine’s torque and sends it to the rear wheel, which is suspended by a single-sided swing arm.

The special parts of this special edition appear to be limited to the cosmetic items, but even if you do decide you’ve gotta have one, it’s too late. The 140th of Piaggio edition production is limited to 140 units, and was only available for sale to certain regions online during the Vespa World Days 2024 rally that took place April 18-21 in Pontedera, Italy. We think it looks like a slick little scoot for running about town, but it appears we will have to stick to the regular GTV 300 model which luckily is available in the U.S. as of last year. Congrats on the anniversary, Piaggio.


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