Peek Inside the Wagoneer S, Jeep’s Global EV Flagship


Today, Jeep gave us our first look inside the upcoming Wagoneer S, the brand’s first all-electric model. The full-size, luxury-flavored SUV will be sold globally, come standard with a panoramic roof and “color-selectable ambient lighting,” and will offer a 19-speaker McIntosh audio system.

Jeep also confirmed that the Wagoneer S will ride on Stellantis’ STLA-Large platform, which is the second-largest EV platform from the conglomerate. This breaks from the current pattern of platform-sharing between Wagoneer models and Ram pickups: The internal-combustion-powered Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer that Jeep currently offers share their body-on-frame construction with the Ram 1500, but the Wagoneer S will not simply be an SUV version of Ram’s all-electric pickup, the REV.

Jeep Wagoneer S rear three quarter

Other than promising impressive performance—600 hp and a 0-to-60-mph time of  “around 3.5 seconds”—Jeep gave no details about the EV Wagoneer’s battery or drivetrain, leaving us to wait for some of the more important specs, including its range. Jeep did note the aerodynamic design of the Wagoneer S, which is always critical in squeezing the most range and efficiency out of every electron. While it certainly still looks like a Jeep, the sleek lines and forward-canted D-pillar remind us more of the Grander (Grandest?) Cherokee than the upright, chunky Wagoneer.

Our first look inside the Wagoneer S is a view through the panoramic sunroof, highlighting the twin blue meters characteristic of McIntoch audio systems. Like its internal-combustion-powered stablemate, the Wagoneer S gives its passenger their own touchscreen. The center console reveals the start button, shifter, and  Selec-Terrain toggle with options for Sand, Snow, Eco, Auto, and Sport. A thin band of blue that runs along the door and across the middle of the dash shows off the customizable ambient lighting.

We expect the Wagoneer S to enter production late this year, as a 2025 model, which means Jeep has plenty of time to release specs. In the meantime, we’ll be wondering how this flagship Jeep will stack up to the Escalade IQ, which is shaping up to be its chief competitor.

Jeep Wagoneer S rear detail




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    0-60 in 3.5 seconds? How much does it weigh? How long will those tires last with that power and weight, 15,000 miles? I don’t get it, is this supposed to be “Green”?

    Yep. What does this weigh? What is the range? How much ($100k+?) Maybe they will offer a shade of green to paint this car so then they can truly say this car is green.

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