Now with stability control, Morgan’s four-wheelers flaunt cupholder, airbags for 2023

Morgan Motor Company

“In line with its philosophy of continual evolution,” Morgan Motor Company says, it is “reimagining its Plus Four and Plus Six models. The enhancements, which are being introduced as part of a formal recognition of a new ‘Plus’ line, will appear on all Plus Four and Plus Six models from January 2023.”

Meaning what? Meaning that each of Morgan BMW-powered four-wheel (“Plus”) models is getting a refresh for 2023, with several new features added. Hand-built on the company’s lightweight CX bonded-aluminum platform, the Plus Four, with its slightly narrower body and wire wheels, “is more akin to the original vehicles in its aesthetic.” The Plus Six, which is wider with a more “assertive” appearance, “presents a more contemporary aesthetic. Both vehicles will benefit from the new features, and their list of options and configurations will be closely aligned, ensuring a cohesive tailoring experience for customers.”

You have to love the way British carmakers describe stuff, right?

2022 Morgan Plus Four interior front
Morgan Motor Company

There are “significant changes to the interior,” including new fabric, wood and a Sennheiser sound system. “There is a new dashboard, dials and LCD screen. We have updated the seats and door cards, including a new ‘bolt action’ door handle. There is now a cup holder, and we’ve upgraded some of the materials used within the vehicle,” Morgan spokesman James Gilbert tells Hagerty Media. There’s a glovebox, for the first time on a Plus model, and an available new steering wheel.

A new AC Racing braking system and new dampers and bushings are being fitted to both Plus Four and Plus Six, powered by a 255-hp turbo-four and 355-hp turbo-six, respectively. The rejiggered suspension, Gilbert said, will provide “increased comfort over low-frequency bumps.”

Dynamic enhancements to Plus models include Electronic Stability Control—a first for the old-school automaker. Mode-dependent, the ESC has been tuned for each model and gearbox selection, and can be switched between levels of assistance depending on driving mode.

“Bespoke gearbox calibrations have been developed, in partnership with BMW, for the automatic transmission,” the company says. New “hill detection” uses an accelerometer and driver torque demand to automatically select a lower gear for steep inclines.

2022 Morgan Plus Four interior high angle
Morgan Motor Company

Airbags, situated behind the new aluminum dashboard and in the steering wheel, have been added.

“Above all, Morgan sports cars should be fun to drive, providing occupants with a unique and memorable experience,” said Matt Hole, chief technical officer. “Our latest introductions celebrate these qualities, whilst also increasing the level of safety, and future-proofing our models against everchanging legislative requirements.”

“The Plus line in 2023 presents a marked evolution of the four-wheeled Morgan,” says Jonathan Wells, chief design officer. “As with any enduring design, it is crucial to strike a balance between moving forward whilst complementing established product qualities.”

It takes a certain type of gumption to preserve a vehicle nearly unchanged for seven decades (off and on). Cupholder aside, this one appears to be managing. Cheers, Morgan.

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