Nissan imagines a Mega-Watt GT-R


Nissan’s Tokyo Show-stopper is a 1000 kW (1359-hp) all-wheel-drive supercar that takes the GT-R idea into the electric era.

The Hyper Force concept has been “designed for racing enthusiasts and gamers who crave the adrenaline rush of the racetrack but are also eco-conscious,” says Nissan.

Nissan partnered with Polyphony Digital, the studio behind the Gran Turismo franchise, to create a wild interior that features bold graphics and screens that shift depending on the driving mode. In Race mode the cabin glows red and four satellite screens display every imaginable data point for the driver, from brake temperature to air pressure and power distribution. Switch to GT mode and the ambient lighting changes to a calmer blue, while the screens move away from the driver and combine into one giant display to manage infotainment and vehicle settings.

Further gamification comes when the car is parked and the driver can don a Virtual Reality helmet to drive in the digital realm. Nissan says that there’s also an Augmented Reality mode where drivers in the digital world could compete against racers in real life, in a similar setup to that recently patented by Ferrari.

The exterior design of the Hyper Force was developed with the NISMO race team with a focus on aerodynamic performance. The silhouette is familiar from the GT-R but there’s a CGI-like smoothing of the bodywork that makes it look like it’s jumped straight off a 4k display. A two-tired aero structure under the hood provides cooling and downforce, with a dual-lever rear diffuser controlling airflow exit. Note the front winglets, fender flips and rear wing to further enhance the aerodynamics.

Powering the Hyper Force is a solid-state battery pack that drives all four wheels via Nissna’s e-4ORCE system and the structure is lightweight carbon fiber. Beyond the amazing megawatt output Nissan hasn’t revealed any performance details of this phenomenal flight of fancy, but there’s a good chance that Gran Turismo players will be able to find out in a future game update.




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