New Shelby Cobra crosses The Pond first

Clive Sutton

Shelby American’s new 700 hp Cobra is to be sold in the U.K. before the U.S.A.

London-based Clive Sutton will sell the latest Shelby Cobra after seeing off a legal challenge from the owner of AC Cars which accused Sutton of trademark infringement. Shelby Cobras are built under license from Ford Motor Company and Carroll Shelby Licensing, which supported Sutton in the case.

As a reward Sutton will be the first dealership in the world to take delivery of the new CSX10000, which is powered by the five-liter Coyote V-8 from the current Ford Mustang. In naturally-aspirated form it produces 460 horsepower and 420 lbft of torque, but with an optional Whipple twin-screw three-liter supercharger the engine delivers an astonishing 700 hp and 550 lbft of twist.

A six-speed Tremec manual transmission is standard-fit, while new 18-inch wheels, designed to replicate the original Cobra;s 15-inch rims are also installed. Chunky Continental Extreme Contact Sport tires are 275/35ZR18 are sized at for the front and 335/30ZR18 for the rear. Power steering and Wilwood power-assisted four-caliper brakes provide stopping power. The cabin is trimmed in diamond-stitched leather and its gauges are based on the very first Cobra.

Available in left and right-hand drive every CSX10000 sold will be recorded in the Shelby Cobra Register, recognizing it as a genuine car, not a replica. Prices start at a dollar-equivalent of $245,000.

The deal to bring Cobras to the U.K. comes as 2023 marks 100 years since Carroll Shelby‘s birth. “Our founder would be impressed with this latest evolution of his original Cobra that he first created in 1962,” says M. Neil Cummings, CEO of Carroll Shelby Licencing. “It’s a fitting reminder to the world that Shelby is the original, genuine designer, builder, and Manufacturer of Record for the Shelby Cobra, which won the 1965 FIA World Manufacturers’ Championship while beating Ferrari for the first time in the FIA GT class.”

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    Thanks. I can’t imagine anything replacing the absolute mechanical monster of any sixties hot car, especially a 427 Cobra but for most of us less dedicated (and rich) folks the new car would be more drivable. I’ll never drive either but I did get to drive 700HP recently, words fail me to describe what I felt (fear sure but much more) pushing the throttle, it plus what I was in was twice as heavy as a Cobra. If you can afford one HOLD ON TIGHT!

    This is not even close to a shelby. It requires a 7.3 427, which ford is making currently so there isn’t even an excuse to under power it.

    A lighter engine will allow the Cobra to handle much better. The 427 doesn’t make that much more horsepower and torque to warrant the displacement and weight. Throw the blower on there if 460 horsies aren’t enough. I suppose the 427 might be ideal for someone looking for mostly show (tailpipe melody) or is just looking for straight-line performance.

    The Cobra in this article is erroneously referred to as the CSX1000 (one thousand) series. It should read CSX10000 (ten thousand). The CSX1000 Cobras are a completely different series that dates back to the early 2000s.

    This doesn’t even resemble A Shelby Cobra. Just another deal Shelby would have never made if he were still with us. Just another KIT CAR.

    Huh? Show me ANY historical example of a “deal Shelby would have never made”. If there was a buck to be made he would have made it.

    I’m not sure how to see this from different from a repli-cobra available now.

    Despite that it looks great and is probably a great ride.

    To each his own, but (and I get they are different animals) for the money, I think the Maserati MC20 is far and away a much better option.

    Nice continuation car with registry numbers for the rich and famous but can you use it without worry of thief and wrecking it in an accident? I guess if it was in a house garage with a guard armed, 1/4 million car could be nice to look at but where could you drive it? That is why I got a FF5. I still love the article and expensive car.

    They’re using 18″ wheels designed to replicate the original’s 15″ wheels. That point was muddied because the article has the wrong punctuation, showing Cobra;s instead of Cobra’s.

    Evolution is what it should be, look at the new Challengers, Mustangs, Camaros, and Broncos. Cars that have evolved into something that is fun to drive and look great. Put them side-by-side with their ancestors and there are huge differences in esthetics, as it should be. Anybody who has driven a 426 Hemi Challenger or a 428 PI GT500 knows that these are fun in their own right but there’s more than the raw power. Stopping comes to mind, cornering, etc. The original 427 Cobra SC was an assault to the senses but a rolling coffin just the same. And in case you’re wondering, yes I’ve owned each one of these at some point in time so I’m not just talking out of my butt. The other side of the argument is something nobody ever talks about. The technology that keeps one of these road rockets planted on the ground. ESS, roll mitigation, ABS, VVT, non-bias ply tires, etc. Back when we were kids and drove the originals, you HAD to have skills and a feel for the road, not to mention a real understanding of physics. The “kids” I work with are always arguing who has the hottest foot because all of these safety features make up for lack of driving skill and they have no idea what it’s like to stab the throttle on a Boss 429 and the thing take off with very little thought of how to stop it or God forbid, you have to negotiate a turn at speed. I think this is a beautiful car, just like the modern rendition of GT40, gorgeous.

    When I was 16 or 17 I raced 2 Shelby mustang on a twisty they would beat me on a strait part and I would catch them in a 65 289 fairlane my guess they didn’t know how to drive. Yes this is a true story

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