Nissan shows vintage love with new replacement R32 Skyline GT-R parts

Nissan’s sports-car muscles are decidedly atrophied these days, as both the 370Z and the GT-R soldier on in more or less the same form as a decade ago. Somebody over there is tending to the enthusiast flame, however, when it comes to vintage performance cars. Nissan recently announced that it will open a heritage program to supply new replacement parts for vintage sports cars.

The Nismo Heritage program will kick off with the 1989–94 R32 Skyline GT-R, but expect R33 and R34 parts to come next. About 80 parts constitute the program to start, ranging from wiring harnesses, to hoses, exterior trim pieces, and more. For the parts that it can’t reproduce, Nissan says in its official release that it will “consider methods of replacing these parts using substitute, rebuilt, or overhauled products, as well as NISMO-tuned parts.”

R32 GT-R rear Emblem
R32 GT-R rear Emblem Nissan
R32 GT-R Power Steering Piping
R32 GT-R Power Steering Piping Nissan

Nissan Heritage will focus on critical parts that make its historic cars eligible to pass Japanese inspection protocol. In keeping with that focus on the domestic market, Nissan plans to start out by only offering heritage parts for the Japanese market.

Considering the surging popularity of now-import-legal Skyline GT-Rs in the U.S., there is a global appetite for classic car parts. While Nissan says it has yet to reach a decision on whether to expand outside of Japan, it plans to start small and keep a watchful eye out.

“Recreating these parts is a fairly time-intensive and cost-intensive undertaking,” says Nissan spokesperson Nicholas Maxfield. “Any decision to expand the scope of the program needs to be based on confirmation of demand.” In the meantime, savvy export businesses and mail forwarding companies will no doubt take advantage of the export market Nissan is leaving alone for now.

R32 GT-R front bumper
R32 GT-R front bumper Nissan
R32 GT-R crank pulley
R32 GT-R crank pulley Nissan

As the years go on and more Skylines become available here in the U.S., a manufacturer-sanctioned program like this could be a huge boon to GT-R market values, making it possible to rebuild vintage examples to pristine, concours quality. Both Porsche and Mercedes-Benz have had huge success with this sort of business, so the trail is already blazed.

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