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Nik Berg

Lamborghini has freed the Raging Bull as part of a new-look corporate identity. For the first time the iconic animal will be seen on its own, outside the traditional shield on the company’s digital channels.

The logo that will appear on future cars retains its traditional look but has been updated to reflect Lamborghini’s values: “brave”, “unexpected” and “authentic” which are part of the brand’s mission of “Driving Humans Beyond.”

It all sounds like a nicely-dressed Italian word salad, but what you will notice is that the new logo is now two-dimensional, with a focus on black and white colors, with yellow and gold as accents. Overall it’s a little less showy than the current iteration. Accompanying the revised design is a new typeface which “echoes the unmistakable lines and angularity of the cars” and iconography which will appear in all future communications.

It’s the first change to the Lambo logo in over 20 years and the timing coincides with company’s gradual move to electrification.

“In a rapidly changing context, Automobili Lamborghini looks to the future with a redesigned logo that embodies innovation and determination,”says the firm. “It’s a strategic change that perfectly complements the holistic shift outlined by the Direzione Cor Tauri program, marking a new phase in the company’s positioning.”

The first Lamborghini to wear the new badge on its snout will be the plug-in hybrid version of the Urus SUV, which is due to be revealed soon, with the successor to the Hurácan following later in 2024.

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    Looks good either way. Wonder how much the rebranding cost? All those VPs of something have to earn their pay somehow…

    For all the money you pay they could leave the older better looking logo alone. Oh well.

    When a company says… Lamborghini’s values: “brave”, “unexpected” and “authentic” which are part of the brand’s mission of “Driving Humans Beyond.”

    Brave, unexpected, authentic? Sounds like the buzzwords used by a fashion company, not a company that makes exciting cars.

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