New Kit Gets Porsche 996 Set for a Snow Safari

Kalmar Automotive

If you can’t quite stretch to a new Porsche 911 Dakar then a 996 conversion by Denmark’s Kalmar Automotive looks like a reasonably-priced, rugged alternative way to go off-road in an Elfer.

The company’s RS-6 is said to be “equipped for whatever lies ahead, to remain a very capable sports car, equally at home on the ice as it is traversing tricky mountain passes and arid deserts, or negotiating fast, sweeping road routes.”

Using any 996 Carrera 2, Carrera 4 or Turbo as a starting point Kalmar completely upgrades the car’s suspension with a system of inverted front shocks, and an 80mm (3.15 inch) lift for a total ground clearance of 210mm or 8.27 inches, which is the same as Porsche Cayenne. These custom adjustable shock absorbers come with new springs, plus there’s a roll-center adjusting subframe kit, new top mounts, bushes, upgraded drive shafts and a strut brace. Lightweight, narrow 6×16-inch alloy wheels are installed with all-terrain or World Rally Championship-style spiked Michelin winter tires. Adaptive shock absorbers are also available, along with a hydraulic lift kit.

Kalmar Automotive Porsche 996 RS-6 1
Kalmar Automotive

Adding to the adventurous appearance is a rear-mounted survival kit that holds jerry cans and spare wheel carrier and plus a high output auxiliary LED light bar. There’s chunky underbody protection, with extra shielding for the car’s cooling system and a stiffened cross towbar. The interior is stripped back to save weight and fitted with a roll cage and Recaro bucket seats. A host of extra upgrades from engine tuning (up to 500 hp) to a fly-off handbrake and competition specification gear are available so that Kalmar customers can customize their car to their wants and needs.

The RS-6 has reportedly undergone a year of testing in temperature as low as -31 degrees to prove its durability. Prices start at €45,000 ($49,000) but you’ll need to provide your own 996.

“The RS-6 is designed and built to challenge your perception of where a 911 can take you. Thanks to the higher 996 production volumes, donor cars are readily available at a lower cost. Now, we can open up the thrill and fun of adventure driving in a Porsche to a new audience,” says founder and owner Jan Kalmar.




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    That just might create a spike in the 996 market, just like the Overlanding trend has spiked the original Cayenne market.

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