New Hampshire allows flying cars on the road—but don’t expect to see any

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Credit: PAL-V

New Hampshire has become the first U.S. state to allow flying cars to be driven on its roads. Under House Bill 1182, also known as the “Jetson Bill,” flying cars are legal to operate as conventional cars on the Live Free or Die state’s road network.

Don’t expect to see a sudden rush of air-cars taking off and landing on the interstates, however. Firstly, the roads won’t be allowed to be used as runways, and secondly no aeromobiles are actually for sale yet—despite having been “just around the corner” for decades.


The frontrunners in the flying car race currently appear to be the $279,000 Terrafugia Transition, which received backing from Chinese auto giant Geely, the home-build $120,000 Samson Sky Switchblade, and the $599,000 PAL-V Liberty. These companies are taking pre-orders but there’s no sign of any of them in the skies just yet.

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