Need a fancy box for your car? Cartainer has you covered


We’re always on the lookout for novel automotive products that don’t really need to exist but do anyway. Curb feelers, whistle tips, truck nutz, backup cameras, power sliding doors, subscription-based options, that sort of thing. Now, for just $60,000, you can pre-order the new Ceres 001 Founders Edition, an advanced storage solution for your car from Cartainers. Named for the Roman goddess of grain and agriculture, or the world’s largest asteroid, depending on whom you ask, the 5000-pound Ceres 001 features a 20-foot-long high-grade steel chassis that frames 10-mm polycarbonate doors and windows said to be transparent, UV resistant, shatter-proof, and heat resistant.

Ceres 001 Mercedes Gullwing

Like a shipping container but different, the Ceres 001 is billed as an all-in-one solution for storing, displaying, and transporting a vehicle. The 001 includes E-tracks with wheel straps and an app-based smart control system fitted with sensors for “real-time monitoring of cargo conditions, location, and all pertinent security information.” The box sports a fully motorized sliding door, low-profile ramp door, security cameras, and facial recognition, while environmental sensors monitor internal climate such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. A ventilation system circulates air to prevent mold and mildew. The Ceres 001, Cartainers says, is suitable for global transport by plane, ship, train, or truck.

“Our goal with our new Ceres 001 Founders Edition design is to provide an incredible jewel box showcase made for fine automobiles that is just as brilliant as the car inside on display,” says Cartainers president Sarah Blasi.

Company co-founder Zach Jenkins claims the system offers no compromises. “Collectors are able to enjoy a stunning, perfectly lit display system for cars that can be set up in the home, garage, or office. They also have an advanced container system that is ready to safely transport their car anywhere in the world.”

These big ol’ car boxes make their debut at Miami’s Art Basel weekend, December 8–10, where you can pre-order your Founders Edition Ceres 001 with a $1000 deposit.




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