Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Mustang’s new Need for Green paint

Ford waited until St. Patrick’s Day to unveil Need for Green, a new color soon to be available on 2019 Mustangs. The vibrant, retina-searing color, with a name hinting at an urge to go for the green flag (or to GameStop), will be available exclusively on the Mustang and will be ready for purchase starting this summer.

Although green tends to be an outlier when it comes to pony car colors, Mustang has a long history with the hue, from Highland Green worn on the Bullitt Mustang to several iterations of Grabber Green. Detroit rivals from Mopar and GM have also had a few standout greens, including Sassy Grass from Dodge, Sublime from Plymouth, and Pepper Green from Pontiac. Recently, Chevrolet offered Synergy Green for a limited time on the fifth-generation Camaro. At the moment, Honda also offers the Civic Coupe in a particularly violent shade called Energy Green.

We’ll have to wait to see if Need for Green sticks around and makes its way into the pantheon of memorable Mustang colors. For now we’ll always welcome some more variety to further separate a sporty pony car from the masses of silver sameness.

2019 Ford Mustang in Need For Green
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