Mustang’s Matte Clear Film Finish Adds Optional Satin Swagger


Starting February 27, Ford Mustang buyers can select a $5995 paint option that adds the brand’s first-ever factory application of a matte clear film. Mustang fans can select the paint-protecting film on all fastback models, from EcoBoost to Dark Horse. The optional film, made by PPG, will expand to convertible models by the end of 2024.

“Mustang has been about driving freedom and freedom of expression for 60 years, and our new Matte Clear Film provides a whole new way for customers to make Mustang their own,” said Laurie Transou, Mustang Chief Program Engineer, in a company press release.


While the option isn’t cheap, the results appear to be rather dramatic, at least in photos. The coating also comes with the same warranty that applies to the rest of the car: three years or 36,000 miles. Ford says that the satin-like film is ready to stand up to the usual culprits that a vehicle’s paint finish will encounter, including detergents, road salt, and bird droppings.

Aside from the cost, the only downside is that the film isn’t compatible with any of the several stripe packages available on the Mustang. That means the Hood Accent Stripe and the Painted Racing Stripe are off-limits if you want this type of protection. The same goes for the optional graphics available on the Ecoboost and GT versions of the Mustang. The California Special package, which adds stripes just above the rocker panel, is also a no-go.

While the option can be ordered starting February 27, so-equipped vehicles won’t hit dealerships until June 2024.

There was already a stunning number of options for the new 2024 Mustang. This addition will essentially double the number of exterior finish combinations available. This clear matte film might be the trick for those who were already in the market for a paint protection film and would rather have a pony car that’s a bit more subdued.



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    I love matte finishes, have been hooked since Pat Ganahl broke the story on the “new trend” in the relaunched Rod & Custom back in the early 90s.

    This makes me think of another thing from the 90s though: GMT400 trucks and their peeling clearcoat.

    It will be interesting to see the actual lifespan of this product. A 3-year warranty doesn’t cover the typical long-life of Mustangs. A $6000 sticker in today’s dollars may look like a really bad investment in 8 or 18 years. Especially compared to an equally-treated “just paint” car.

    Do it right and put the flattener agent in the paint. Toyota made news a few years back about building that new line that could paint different colors in sequence (getting rid of the old “cost too much to do other colours in low batches” argument).

    Anyways, sounds like a gimmick that will fail.

    It looks interesting and might be in line for a full body protection in the aftermarket but I’d rather save the $6k.

    If PPG’s film is anything like 3M’s, it’ll add a layer of protection not readily available. Plus, it eliminates the need to concerns oneself with keeping your pride and joy shiny all the time!

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