Michael Mann turns up the heat in new Ferrari trailer


“Two objects cannot occupy the same point in space at the same moment in time.” So explains Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari in the latest trailer for Michael Mann’s biopic of Il Commendatore. (You can watch the first trailer here.)

Ferrari succinctly and unemotionally predicts the potentially catastrophic coming together of two racing cars before posing the question, “Are you a sportsman or are you a competitor? If you get into one of my cars you get in to win.”

The 1957 Mille Miglia was make or break for Ferrari. The company was losing money hand over fist, and only a win at the greatest road race in the world rescue its reputation. To make matters worse Ferrari and his wife Laura had just lost their son Dino to muscular dystrophy, and his marriage was facing ruin.

The pressure on Ferrari and his drivers was immense. “This is a gun pointed at our head,” says Ferrari. Piero Taruffi, Wolfgang von Trips, Olivier Gendebien, Jacques Washer, Alfonso de Portago and the other Scuderia pilots would have to prove that they were indeed competitors.

This is the setting for what looks like another Mann masterpiece with a new trailer giving a closer look at Driver’s performance as Ferrari and Penelope Cruz as Laura, along with action scenes with Mann’s trademark immersive direction.

History buffs will know that the story is both tragic and triumphant. “All of us are racers,” says Ferrari. “It’s our deadly passion.”

To witness this on the big screen you’ll have to wait until Christmas when Ferrari hits theaters.

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    I just hope it is a good movie. So many are let downs.

    Grand Prix was the bench mark with the best driving scenes ever and a story good enough not to be stupid.

    Sadly Days of Thunder was a let down. A little overly dramatic vs the real life of NASCAR. To be honest Stroker Ace was closer to the truth even as a comedy.

    The Hunt Lauda Film was not bad. The driving Scenes were good and they made a great effort to show the real cars and reproduce the others well. As for the story it was not an easy one to tell with two difficult personalities.

    Ford vs Ferrari was entertaining but they made a few left turns like HF2 in a GT 40 with Shelby. That never would have ever happened. I think if they had stuck closer to the truth it would have been more interesting. Shelby was a much more complex person than shown. He was a nice guy one min and a SOB the next. But that was just him and it worked to get what he needed done. No apologies needed. He was a fighter.

    Enzo was the same. He was a fighter but a very complex personality. He showed little weakness and often was labeled cold due to the loss of drivers in crashes. To him racing was war and you will lose some on the way.

    But the loss of Dino was horrible to him. He left the office as he left it and never attended a race in person on race day after his death.

    As for drivers he did feel for them and one he even built a monument at the plant to Giles who gave his life in a crash. Giles was a driver that left nothing on the table and the old man appreciated that. The race in the rain where he lost the nose wing and still drove on vs parking the car was the kind of passion the old man loved. I often wondered what he and Senna could have done.

    I hope that this is an accurate telling of Enzo’s story. I will ultimately wait till I can see this at home.

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