Mechatronik will give your old W111 an AMG boost


When Mercedes-Benz squeezed its 3.5-liter V-8 into the W111 coupe and cabriolet in 1969, it was the pinnacle of silky performance. However, as time marches on the original 200 horsepower may seem rather lacking. As fortune would have it (and you will need a fortune to pay for it) German specialists Mechatronik will fit these wonderful W111s with a 5.0 or 5.5-liter AMG engine.

The engine is just one part of the company’s full “New-Tech” restomod treatment which extends to a bare metal body restoration, updated suspension, brakes, and a full interior retrim.

At the heart of the build is the modern AMG motor. The M113 V-8 was first introduced in 1997 and, once AMG had fettled it, came with 306 hp or 360 hp depending on capacity. Mechatronik sources low-mileage units and fully overhauls them, before mating them to a five speed automatic transmission. In addition to being considerably more powerful than even the pinnacle of 1960s could offer, the AMG engines are also lighter, which aids weight distribution and, ultimately, handling as well.

Mechatronik retains the hydropneumatic suspension system but adds KW Automotive springs and shock absorbers for a sportier ride and improved dynamics. The suspension can be tuned to each owner’s taste. Braking comes from the W126 with vented discs and ABS. ASR traction control is also fitted to tame the power of the AMG V-8 in slippery conditions.

For the exterior you can opt to keep the car original and match one of Mercedes-Benz period paint schemes or go for an almost unlimited number of modern paints. Keep the chrome or go for a “night packet” with black brightwork instead. Interiors are also crafted to every build with a choice of leather or velour upholstery, a variety of wood veneers and carpets also offered. Air conditioning, a powerful sound system, satellite navigation, and phone connectivity can all be specified.

Mechatronik only builds five of these W111s each year and you should expect to pay almost $500,000 for the privilege of owning one—or about four times what a #1-condition (Concours) 280 SE 3.5 would fetch.

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