Mazda introduces “host of upgrades” for 2024 Miata—in Australia, at least


Mazda is offering a “host of upgrades” for the 2024 Mazda MX-5 Miata—so long as you live in Australia, but we’re telling you about them because we expect them to come to the U.S.-spec Miata. Whether it’s a “host” of upgrades or just “a handful” depends on your definition, but there are a few significant changes. Note that the changes are written about as though we’re talking about a Bentley, but you’ll get the idea.

Chief among the latest Mazda MX-5 enhancements are DSC-TRACK, a new “Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) mode optimized for circuit driving, and a newly developed Asymmetric Limited Slip Differential (Asymmetric LSD), both of which are exclusively fitted to manual transmission models.”

DSC-TRACK, available on the top-level Miata, dubbed the GT RS in Australia, (comparable to the MX-5 Club in North American markets, with the BBS RS wheels, Brembo braking hardware, and the Bilstein suspension) “affords maximum deference to the driver when operating the vehicle, interposing an over-steering restricting control only when in a hazardous spin that the driver is unable to control.” The Asymmetric LSD “stabilizes vehicle turn-in behavior by varying the limiting force of slip on the differential gear in response to vehicle acceleration and deceleration as the rear wheel vertical load changes.”

2024 Mazda ND Miata pair red and grey

Also, the response of the accelerator pedal has been improved for manual models, “making distance control with the car in front now much easier to modulate thanks to a more natural feeling, and no sense of delay. The improvement is particularly noticeable in daily driving during the deceleration phase when backing off the accelerator after having sped up and reached the desired speed.”

All models get an improved electric steering system “that has been modified for more nimble and precise operability. Steering rack friction is reduced, yet a more natural and fluid response is achieved with refined electric power steering control logic.”

Inside, the Miata gets a redesigned 8.8-inch center display arrangement “for better visibility and a more advanced Mazda Connect system.” And, in Australia at least, there are a pair of new 17-inch alloy wheels that “convey an expression of its light weight and functionality.”

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for the announcement, but we’d expect to see all of these upgrades arrive for North American Miatas in the not-too-distant future.




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    Talk about nanny control. I lost interest in Miatas when they veered away from the original configuration. I had a modified 1991 and it was sports car, not a computer. I drove it, not the other way around.

    Very many of Hagerty stories like this never mention how much these cars might cost. It’s always the first question that comes to my mind. I realize this was for the Australian market, but there could be a US$ conversion.

    I bought a 2011 Mazda Miata RF. Hard to find a Hardtop Convertible. If you want a hardtop now, you’re out of luck. Everything is a T Top.

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