Mazda expands Miata restoration parts catalog to first-gen models

Mazda has expanded the Miata’s restoration catalog to include more than 1100 parts to support fans of the world’s best-selling drop-top sports car.

The new parts for first-generation Miatas include convertible tops and Enkei wheels that match the original designs but use improved materials and finishes developed since the original NA Miata’s release more than 30 years ago. Mazda consulted with Miata clubs and shops to determine which parts would be reproduced, and the extensive parts list, which can be found here, contains engine parts like pulleys, connecting rods, and pistons, as well as hardware, suspension components, body panels, and interior trim.

All of the parts will be manufactured in Japan and should make it much easier to keep NA Miatas on the road and happy. There’s even part no. B481677C0B (relay, headlight retractor) to keep you winking at fellow Miata drivers for years to come.

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    Trying to get on the heritage site for Miata /Eunos NA versions using your link on here ‘Mazda expands Miata restoration parts catalog to first-gen models’ from October 2019.

    I was on it afew weeks ago, now it is constantly failing. Do you know why? Can you re-direct me please.
    I am trying to find a new AC radiator / condenser for my NA, 1996, 1.8, automatic. I am in england, but will import. Surely someone, some where has one or can help?

    Chris Baston

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