Mazda 100th Anniversary Special Edition Miata headed to America

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As part of Mazda’s centennial celebration, the company announced earlier this year that it would release a 100th Anniversary Special Edition (100th ASE) version of the car that best represents the plucky Japanese brand: the lovable MX-5 Miata. Only problem was, at the time of the announcement, there was no hard confirmation that any of this commemorative goodness would make its way to our shores. Thankfully, Mazda announced earlier today that a handful of the extra-special Miatas will indeed be made available for enjoyment here in the U.S.

Mazda's 100th Anniversary MX-5 and R360

As soon a those first photos hit the web, we began drooling over the Snowflake White Pearl Mica exterior paint and red convertible top—a visual homage to the R360, Mazda’s first commercial passenger car. Ditto the gorgeous, embossed red leather seats on the inside.

Thanks to the announcement today, we now know the just how much all of that commemorative kit will run you: a manual-equipped 100th ASE Miata with the soft top starts at $33,615, including the $945 destination fee. For the row-your-own targa-top RF, prices start at $36,370. If for some reason you insist on an automatic, you’ll pay $34,140 or $36,695 for the soft-top or RF, respectively.

While that might seem like a bit much, we’re doubtful that those asking prices will be enough to slow the take-rate for these commemorative bundles of joy. Especially if the sellout rate of the Orange-you-glad-we-still-make-this 30th Anniversary Miata is any reference point.

We don’t say this lightly—Mazda is one of the few remaining brands that actively champion the enjoyment of driving in each product. For that—and for rotary-powered, lightweight, drop-top, Le Mans-winning, and other flavors of excellence, we tip our hat. Here’s to 100 more.

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